Arthur Marshall

“You came out of the piano - you must be out of your mind”

Arthur Marshall April 1983

The Big Red Book website is a celebration of This Is Your Life – a national television institution.

The aim of the site is to present an accurate, online record of every UK ediition of the programme broadcast from 1955 to 2003.

The site includes numerous features and articles covering all aspects of the show’s history.

An ongoing series of exclusive interviews with subjects, as well as friends and relatives who took part in the show, creates a growing digital archive of first hand behind-the-scenes stories and recollections.

This independent website has been designed and compiled by Tony Lee - a long-time fan of the show (and not the same Tony Lee who worked as a researcher on the show in the 1970s!). The interviews have been undertaken by Tony, and by the writer and broadcaster Michael Ford.

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