Johanna HARRIS

Johanna Harris
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THIS IS YOUR LIFE - Johanna Harris, a Red Cross nurse, was surprised by Eamonn Andrews at the BBC Television Theatre.

Johanna Harris

To entice nurse Johanna Harris to the This Is Your Life studio, Guenilla Rix had a leg set in plaster, and became her patient

From the article “This Is My Life’ by Eamonn Andrews, published in John Bull magazine 28 April 1956...

An even more elaborate plan was laid to get Mrs Johanna Harris, the Red Cross nurse, into the studio for her life. It was arranged that an English-speaking Swedish girl should become Mrs Harris’s patient. A doctor encased her leg in plaster, and the Red Cross instructed Mrs Harris to take her to a London hotel before escorting her to Sweden. In the hotel, the girl played up to her brief and said she would like to see This Is Your Life.

When Mrs Harris suggested that they might watch it on the television set in the hotel lounge, her patient replied that she had tickets for the show and wanted to see it broadcast. There was almost a slip up when the girl, who was supposed to speak no English, promptly answered a waiter who asked if she wanted a large or small orange juice. Mrs Harris seemed satisfied when her charge explained that she had learned a little English. As soon as the programme was over, the girl had her plaster removed.

programme details...

  • Edition No: 6
  • Subject No: 6
  • Broadcast live: Sun 1 Jan 1956
  • Broadcast time: 7.50-8.20pm
  • Venue: BBC Television Theatre
  • Series: 1
  • Edition: 6

on the guest list...

  • Alfred Harris
  • Jack Harris
  • C G Massingale
  • Mrs Massingale
  • Mrs Bryce
  • Mrs Bryans
  • Frau Helena Berch
  • Miss Harriot Morell
  • Herr Sacha Schwodorsky
  • Herr Theo Schwodorsky

production team...

  • Researchers: Peter Moore, Nigel Ward
  • Writer: Gale Pedrick
  • Producer: T Leslie Jackson
Series 1 subjects: Eamonn Andrews > Yvonne Bailey > Ted Ray > James Butterworth > Charles Burgess Fry > Johanna Harris > Donald Campbell > Joe Brannelly > Stanley Matthews > Henry Starling > Ida Cook > Lupino Lane > Hugh Oloff de Wet > Elizabeth Wilde > Robert Stanford Tuck