Eamonn faces up to his question time
TV Times
25 April 1970
TV Times: Eamonn Andrews article
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IT HAPPENS in every home with children. Father is sitting quietly, minding his own business, when a small voice inquires: "Daddy, how big was a dinosaur?" And, "Was it longer than a bus?"

Eamonn Andrews' is no exception. Eight-year-old Emma and five-year-old Fergal put him on the spot daily. But if he doesn't know all the answers, he knows where to find them.

That was why TVTalk found him walking the children through London's Crystal Palace park - to show them models of prehistoric animals.

It was a stroll he is likely to repeat in three or four years because by then, Niamh, nearly two and left at home on this trip, will be asking, "Daddy, what was a brontosaurus like?"