A series of EXCLUSIVE interviews with former subjects, as well as with friends and relatives who took part in This Is Your Life...
Anita Dobson Anita Dobson Anita DOBSON

Series 42: Wednesday 20 March 2002
Interview recorded: November 2019

Actress who became a household name playing landlady Angie Watts in the BBC televison soap opera EastEnders

John Middleton John Middleton John MIDDLETON

Series 43: Thursday 17 July 2003
Interview recorded: February 2018

Known to television viewers of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, John became the very last actor to be honoured by This Is Your Life

Percy Thrower Percy Thrower's daughters Percy THROWER

Series 16: Wednesday 31 March 1976
Interview recorded: August 2017

Margaret, Susan and Ann recall their father - the gardening expert - who became a familiar face on British television

Ruth Madoc Ruth Madoc Ruth MADOC

Series 25: Wednesday 28 November 1984
Interview recorded: May 2017

Actress who became best known to television viewers for her role as Gladys Pugh in the popular BBC situation comedy Hi-de-Hi!

Shaun Williamson Shaun Williamson Shaun WILLIAMSON

Series 42: Wednesday 24 October 2001
Interview recorded: June 2017

Actor who found fame on the BBC television soap opera, EastEnders - playing the popular character of Barry Evans

Liza Goddard Liza Goddard Liza GODDARD

Series 24: Wednesday 18 January 1984
Interview recorded: October 2016

Actress who began her career on Australian television before making an impact on British television in both drama and comedy roles

Mike Hailwood Pauline Hailwood Mike HAILWOOD

Series 16: Wednesday 26 November 1975
Interview recorded: March 2017

Pauline Hailwood recalls her husband - one of the few men to compete at Grand Prix level on motorcycles and in auto racing

Betty Driver Stephen Bourne Betty DRIVER

Series 16: Wednesday 11 February 1976
Interview recorded: March 2016

Writer and historian Stephen Bourne remembers the singer and actress, best known for her role in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street

Joe Loss Jennifer Jankel Joe LOSS

Series 8: Tuesday 7 May 1963

Series 21: Wednesday 15 October 1980
Interview recorded: November 2016

Jennifer Jankel recalls her father, the musician and bandleader, and his two This Is Your Life tributes

John Blashford-Snell John Blashford-Snell John BLASHFORD-SNELL

Series 17: Wednesday 10 November 1976
Interview recorded: November 2016

British Army officer, explorer and author, whose successful expeditions led to the formation of the Scientific Exploration Society - its aim being ‘to foster and encourage scientific exploration worldwide’.

Gary Wilmot Gary Wilmot Gary WILMOT

Series 27: Wednesday 24 December 1986
Interview recorded: May 2016

Comedian and impressionist who rose to fame as a contestant on the television talent show New Faces.

Jenny Seagrove Jenny Seagrove Jenny SEAGROVE

Series 42: Thursday 14 March 2002
Interview recorded: May 2016

Actress who gained early success playing the lead in a television dramatisation of Barbara Taylor Bradford’s novel, A Woman of Substance.

John Harris John Harris John HARRIS

Series 26: Wednesday 22 January 1986
Interview recorded: July 2016

Welsh Paralympian athlete who won gold at the 1984 Paralympic Games.

Alan Rudkin Cathy Kinsey and Alan Rudkin Alan RUDKIN

Series 12: Wednesday 15 March 1972
Interview recorded: November 2015

Cathy Kinsey (formerly Rudkin) and Alan Rudkin Jnr recall the British, Commonwealth and European bantamweight boxing champion.

Peter Davison Peter Davison Peter DAVISON

Series 22: Wednesday 24 March 1982
Interview recorded: October 2015

Actor who became the fifth incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who in 1981, and at the age of 29, was at the time the youngest actor to play the role.

Mary Ward Mary Ward Mary WARD

Series 38: Monday 29 December 1997
Interview recorded: October 2015

Teacher and director, who founded Chickenshed Theatre with her colleague, musician and composer Jo Collins, who also features in the interview

Nigel Havers Nigel Havers Nigel HAVERS

Series 32: Wednesday 8 January 1992
Interview recorded: October 2015

Actor - whose big break came with a role in the 1981 British film Chariots of Fire, earning him a BAFTA nomination

Phyllis Calvert   Phyllis CALVERT

Series 13: Wednesday 20 December 1972
Interview recorded: October 2015

Phyllis's daughter, Auriol Lee, recalls her mother - the actress who was one of Britain's highest paid film stars in the mid 1940s

Nicholas Parsons Nicholas Parsons Nicholas PARSONS

Series 18: Wednesday 1 March 1978
Interview recorded: October 2015

Television presenter and actor best known for presenting the ITV game show Sale of the Century and BBC radio's Just A Minute

Barry Cryer Barry Cryer Barry CRYER

Series 35: Wednesday 18 January 1995
Interview recorded: May 2015

Prolific comedy writer and comedian who has appeared on the BBC Radio 4 show I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue since it began in 1972

Christopher Timothy Christopher Timothy Christopher TIMOTHY

Series 40: Monday 10 April 2000
Interview recorded: May 2014

Actor best known for his roles in the BBC television series All Creatures Great and Small and Doctors

Bob Carolgees Bob Carolgees Bob CAROLGEES

Series 34: Wednesday 1 June 1994
Interview recorded: December 2013

Entertainer, remembered for his appearances with his puppet Spit the Dog on the ITV children's television programme Tiswas

Roy Dotrice Roy Dotrice Roy DOTRICE

Series 14: Wednesday 20 March 1974
Interview recorded: November 2013

The versatile stage and screen actor who gained a love of theatre as a prisoner of war during the Second World War

Dora Bryan Daniel Lawton Dora BRYAN

Series 7: Monday 2 April 1962
Series 29: Wednesday 25 January 1989
Interview recorded: October 2013

Daniel Lawton recalls both of his mother's This Is Your Life tributes

Stirling Moss Stirling Moss Stirling MOSS

Series 4: Monday 27 April 1959
Interview recorded: November 2013

The Formula One racing driver who in 1955 became the first Briton to win the British Grand Prix

Matthew Kelly Matthew Kelly Matthew KELLY

Series 24: Wednesday 21 December 1983
Interview recorded: November 2013

The actor and television presenter who found fame on the ITV light entertainment show Game For A Laugh

Anton Dolin Anna Meadmore Anton DOLIN

Series 18: Wednesday 12 April 1978
Interview recorded: April 2013

Anna Meadmore, curator of The Royal Ballet School’s White Lodge Museum recalls the dancer and choreographer

Ninette de Valois Anna Meadmore Ninette DE VALOIS

Series 9: Thursday 9 April 1964
Interview recorded: April 2013

Anna Meadmore discusses the founder of the Royal Ballet School

Elisabeth Welch Stephen Bourne Elisabeth WELCH

Series 26: Wednesday 6 November 1985
Interview recorded: November 2013

Writer and historian Stephen Bourne remembers the American singer and actress

Beryl Grey Beryl Grey Beryl GREY

Series 14: Wednesday 10 April 1974
Interview recorded: October 2013

The former ballerina and artistic director of the London Festival Ballet

Derek Dooley Sylvia Dooley Derek DOOLEY

Series 7: Monday 30 October 1961
Interview recorded: June 2013

Derek's widow Sylvia recalls her memories of the show which honoured the Sheffield footballer

Paddie O’Neil Gareth Marks Paddie O’NEIL

Series 20: Wednesday 23 January 1980
Interview recorded: June 2013

Actor Gareth Marks recalls his mother - actress, singer and wife of Alfred Marks

Alfred Marks Dani Marks Alfred MARKS

Series 12: Wednesday 24 November 1971
Interview recorded: November 2012

Alfred's daughter Dani remembers her father - the actor and comedian

Sylvia Young Sylvia Young Sylvia YOUNG

Series 39: Monday 21 December 1998
Interview recorded: June 2013

Founder and principal of the famous theatre school

Stanley Matthews Stanley Matthews Stanley MATTHEWS

Series 1: Sunday 12 February 1956
Interview recorded: April 2013

Jean Gough recalls her father – the footballer who was supposed to be the first This Is Your Life subject on British television

Bob Paisley Christine McMahon Bob PAISLEY

Series 18: Wednesday 28 December 1977
Interview recorded: April 2013

Christine McMahon discusses her experience of the tribute which honoured her father – former player and manager of Liverpool FC

Kenneth Horne Sue Montague Kenneth HORNE

Series 7: Monday 19 February 1962
Interview recorded: April 2013

Sue Montague remembers her step-father - the comedian and businessman

Harry Worth Jo Batchelor Harry WORTH

Series 9: Thursday 7 November 1963
Interview recorded: April 2013

Jo Batchelor recalls her father – the comedy actor and comedian

Ted Ray Mark Olden Ted RAY

Series 15: Wednesday 26 February 1975
Interview recorded: April 2013

Ted’s grandson Mark Olden remembers his experience of appearing on the comedian’s second tribute

Edward Woodward Michele Dotrice Edward WOODWARD

Series 35: Wednesday 1 February 1995
Interview recorded: March 2013

Edward’s wife - actress Michele Dotrice - recalls her involvement with the actor’s second tribute

Ray Cooney Ray Cooney Ray COONEY

Series 15: Wednesday 15 January 1975
Interview recorded: April 2013

The prolific playwright actor and director best known for his theatrical farces!

Chili Bouchier Michael Thornton Chili BOUCHIER

Series 36: Wednesday 14 February 1996
Interview recorded: October 2012

Journalist and writer Michael Thornton recalls the actress who began her career in silent films

John McArdle John McArdle John MCARDLE

Series 43: Thursday 30 January 2003
Interview recorded: May 2012

Actor best known for his roles in television's Brookside and Merseybeat

Dickie Bird Dickie Bird Dickie BIRD

Series 33: Wednesday 7 October 1992
Interview recorded: June 2012

Renowned international cricket umpire

Googie Withers Joanna McCallum Googie WITHERS

Series 11: Wednesday 5 May 1971
Interview recorded: November 2012

Actress Joanna McCallum remembers her involvement with the show that honoured her mother

Sam Kydd Jonathan Kydd Sam KYDD

Series 14: Wednesday 20 February 1974
Interview recorded: November 2012

Jonathan Kydd recalls his father - the character actor - whose edition was never broadcast in full!

Sybil Thorndike Dirk Campbell Sybil THORNDIKE

Series 6: Monday 10 October 1960
Interview recorded: April 2013

Dirk Campbell remembers his grandmother - the distinguished stage and screen actress

Pat Kirkwood Michael Thornton Pat KIRKWOOD

Series 34: Wednesday 20 July 1994
Interview recorded: October 2012

Journalist and writer Michael Thornton recalls the versatile actress and singer

Evelyn Laye Mary-Jane Burcher Evelyn LAYE

Series 31: Wednesday 19 December 1990
Interview recorded: November 2012

Miss Laye's personal assistant, Mary-Jane Burcher, remembers the actress's second This Is Your Life tribute

Norman Barrett Norman Barrett Norman BARRETT

Series 31: Wednesday 31 October 1990
Interview recorded: April 2012

The best known circus personality in the UK, regarded as 'The World's Greatest Ringmaster'

Charlie Cairoli Charlie Cairoli Jr Charlie CAIROLI

Series 10: Wednesday 25 February 1970
Interview recorded: June 2012

Charlie's son Charlie Jr recalls his father's career as Britain's most famous clown and his appearance on This Is Your Life

Anita Harris Anita Harris Anita HARRIS

Series 22: Wednesday 6 January 1982
Interview recorded: March 2012

Actress, singer and cabaret entertainer

Charles Burgess Fry Jonathan Fry Charles Burgess FRY

Series 1: Sunday 18 December 1955
Interview recorded: April 2012

Fry's grandson Jonathan - a guest on the 1955 programme - discusses the sporting legend

Barbara Kelly Bernard Braden Barbara KELLY and Bernard BRADEN

Series 19: Wednesday 15 November 1978
Series 31: Wednesday 16 January 1991
Interview recorded: March 2012

Kelly Braden remembers her parents - the actors, comedians and broadcasters

Freddy Bloom Ginny Kanka Freddy BLOOM

Series 4: Monday 1 December 1958
Interview recorded: March 2012

Ginny Kanka recalls her mother - a former prisoner of war who devoted her life to the needs of deaf children

Lynda Bellingham Lynda Bellingham Lynda BELLINGHAM

Series 33: Wednesday 27 January 1993
Interview recorded: March 2012

Actress, broadcaster and author - best known for her roles in the BBC television series All Creatures Great and Small and the ITV comedy Second Thoughts

Norman Wisdom Nick Wisdom Norman WISDOM

Series 27: Wednesday 11 February 1987
Interview recorded: March 2012

Nick Wisdom recalls his father and his involvement with Norman's second This Is Your Life tribute

Ann Rachlin Ann Rachlin Ann RACHLIN

Series 36: Wednesday 31 January 1996
Interview recorded: December 2011

Writer, music educator and founder of The Beethoven Fund for deaf children

Frank Carson Johnnie Hamp Frank CARSON

Series 25: Wednesday 6 February 1985
Interview recorded: November 2011

Television producer Johnnie Hamp tells of his involvement with the unusual surprise for the Irish comedian

Daniel Angel   Daniel ANGEL

Series 3: Monday 10 February 1958
Interview recorded: March 2012

Daniel’s daughter Susan remembers her father, the film producer best known for the wartime drama Reach for the Sky

Johnnie Hamp Johnnie Hamp Johnnie HAMP

Series 33: Wednesday 10 February 1993
Interview recorded: November 2011

Television producer - responsible for over 2000 television productions - including music, variety and comedy shows - such as The Comedians

Robin Cousins Robin Cousins Robin COUSINS

Series 20: Wednesday 26 March 1980
Interview recorded: October 2011

Figure skater surprised at the early age of 22 after winning gold at the 1980 Winter Olympic Games

Esmond Knight Rosalind Knight Esmond KNIGHT

Series 2: Monday 18 February 1957
Interview recorded: March 2011

Actress Rosalind Knight recalls her father - the acclaimed actor who was virtually blind for most of his career

Raymond Gainer Phil Downs Raymond GAINER

Series 35: Wednesday 1 March 1995
Interview recorded: August 2010

Phil Downs, chairman of MUDSA, discusses his predecessor's legacy at Manchester United, and pays tribute to two other former subjects - Matt Busby and Bobby Charlton

Coco the Clown Carol Ancliff COCO THE CLOWN

Series 7: Monday 15 January 1962
Interview recorded: February 2011

Carol Ancliff tells how a chance meeting under difficult circumstances led to her being a guest on Coco’s This Is Your Life

Jean Kent Jean Kent Jean KENT

Series 15: Wednesday 1 January 1975
Interview recorded: March 2011

Actress remembered for her roles in many British films including the Gainsborough melodramas of the 1940s

Brigit Forsyth Brigit Forsyth Brigit FORSYTH

Series 42: Wednesday 24 April 2002
Interview recorded: July 2010

Actress best known for her role as Thelma in the BBC comedy series Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?

Susan Hampshire Susan Hampshire Susan HAMPSHIRE

Series 32: Wednesday 8 April 1992
Interview recorded: May 2010

Actress remembered for her many film and television roles including the BBC production of The Forsyte Saga

Jimmy Cricket Jimmy Cricket Jimmy CRICKET

Series 28: Wednesday 4 November 1987
Interview recorded: March 2010

Northern Irish comedian whose tribute was broadcast on the eve of the death of Eamonn Andrews

Acker Bilk Acker Bilk Acker BILK

Series 7: Monday 16 April 1962
Interview recorded: January 2010

Jazz musician and clarinetist who scored a huge hit with the single Stranger on the Shore

Jane Rossington Jane Rossington Jane ROSSINGTON

Series 28: Wednesday 20 January 1988
Interview recorded: April 2010

Actress who portrayed Jill Richardson in ITV's Crossroads for over 20 years. Jane’s show was the last one Eamonn Andrews recorded before his untimely death

Norman Croucher Norman Croucher Norman CROUCHER

Series 16: Wednesday 5 May 1976
Interview recorded: March 2010

Mountaineer - who despite being a double amputee - has climbed several mountains, including the Eiger and the Matterhorn

Bill Pertwee Bill Pertwee Bill PERTWEE

Series 39: Monday 1 February 1999
Interview recorded: March 2010

Actor and author best known for his role as Warden Hodges in the BBC comedy Dad’s Army

Valerie Singleton Valerie Singleton Valerie SINGLETON

Series 41: Wednesday 2 May 2001
Interview recorded: April 2010

Popular television and radio broadcaster and former presenter of the BBC children's programme Blue Peter

Bill Owen Tom Owen Bill OWEN

Series 21: Wednesday 7 January 1981
Interview recorded: March 2010

Bill’s son Tom recalls his father, who is fondly remembered for his role of Compo in the BBC comedy Last of the Summer Wine

Bob Champion Bob Champion Bob CHAMPION

Series 22: Tuesday 13 October 1981
Interview recorded: March 2010

Grand National winning jockey - surprised on his wedding day

Vince Hill Vince Hill Vince HILL

Series 16: Wednesday 3 March 1976
Interview recorded: March 2010

Popular singer and songwriter who hosted several hit television shows through the seventies

Vera Lynn Vera Lynn Vera LYNN

Series 3: Monday 14 October 1957
Series 19: Monday 1 January 1979
Interview recorded: October 2009

The immensely popular singer - known as the Forces’ Sweetheart - received the Big Red Book on two occasions

Tim Smit Tim Smit Tim SMIT

Series 42: Thursday 8 November 2001
Interview recorded: April 2007

Musician and businessman famous for his work on ‘The Lost Gardens of Heligan’ and ‘The Eden Project’

Nigel Davenport   Nigel DAVENPORT

Series 37: Monday 24 February 1997
Interview recorded: June 2008

Actor best remembered for his roles in the film A Man For All Seasons and the BBC television series Howard’s Way

Frank Thornton Frank Thornton Frank THORNTON

Series 39: Monday 19 October 1998
Interview recorded: October 2009

Actor best known for his roles in the BBC comedy series Are You Being Served and Last of the Summer Wine

Dinah Sheridan   Dinah SHERIDAN

Series 19: Wednesday 28 March 1979
Interview recorded: October 2009

Actress fondly remembered for her roles in the classic British films Genevieve and The Railway Children

Wendy Toye Peter Toye Wendy TOYE

Series 32: Wednesday 29 January 1992
Interview recorded: July 2010

Wendy’s nephew Peter recalls the show that paid tribute to the versatile dancer, choreographer, actress and director

Susan Masham Susan Masham Susan MASHAM

Series 16: Wednesday 4 February 1976
Interview recorded: April 2007

Paralympian, life peer and noted champion for causes related to disability

David Sheppard Grace Sheppard David SHEPPARD

Series 6: Monday 3 October 1960
Interview recorded: September 2010

David’s widow Grace recalls her memories of the show which honoured the cricketer and clergyman

David Butler David Butler David BUTLER

Series 7: Monday 5 March 1962
Interview recorded: July 2009

David was badly wounded at the age of 11 after finding an unexploded bomb. His story was told when he was 17 - making him the show’s youngest ever subject

Bill Griffiths Bill Griffiths Bill GRIFFITHS

Series 13: Wednesday 22 November 1972
Interview recorded: October 2009

As a prisoner-of-war, Bill was the victim of a crippling explosion that left him blind and without hands.