Series 33: 1992-93
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Series 33 subjects...
Barbara WINDSOR Actress 30 September 1992
Dickie BIRD Cricket umpire 7 October 1992
Frazer HINES Actor 14 October 1992
Pat KERR Humanitarian and former air stewardess 21 October 1992
Juliet MILLS Actress 28 October 1992
William TARMEY Actor and singer 4 November 1992
Ellen POLLOCK Actress 11 November 1992
Tessa SANDERSON Javelin thrower and heptathlete 18 November 1992
Peter SAUNDERS Theatre impresario 25 November 1992
Anthony NEWLEY Actor, singer and songwriter 2 December 1992
Bert WEEDON Guitarist and composer 9 December 1992
Glen MURPHY Actor 16 December 1992
Les DAWSON Comedian, actor, writer and presenter 23 December 1992
John SURTEES Motorcycle road racer and Formula One driver 30 December 1992
Shirley BASSEY Singer 6 January 1993
Albert and Michel ROUX Chefs 13 January 1993
Anthony JONES Mountain rescue expert 20 January 1993
Lynda BELLINGHAM Actress 27 January 1993
Frank BRUNO Boxer 3 February 1993
Johnnie HAMP Television producer 10 February 1993
Honor BLACKMAN Actress 17 February 1993
Sister AQUINAS Headmistress behind St Winifred's School choir 24 February 1993
Roddy MCDOWALL Actor 3 March 1993
Jimmy WHITE Snooker player 10 March 1993
Peggy SPENCER Dancer and choreographer 17 March 1993
Jackie COLLINS Novelist 24 March 1993
Derek FOWLDS Actor 31 March 1993
Nat LOFTHOUSE Footballer 7 April 1993
Ann MILLER Dancer, singer and actress 14 April 1993
George MELLY Jazz and blues singer 21 April 1993

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for ITV
30 editions | 30 x 30 minutes
Wednesday | 7.00pm x 28 | 9.30pm x 2

Production team

Producer: Malcolm Morris | Associate Producer: John Graham | Directors: Brian Klein, Malcolm Morris
Writers: Roy Bottomley, Norman Giller | Researchers: Sue Green, Mandy Nixon, Elizabeth Ross, Ian Brown, Sarah Ann Cockcroft
Production Assistants: Irene Clark, Liz Fleming, Elizabeth Waddell, Angela Murgatroyd, Brenda Bentham
Programme Consultant: Roy Bottomley | Programme Co-ordinators: Mandy Lee | Designer: Harry Clark | Film Research: Susan Tiplady