Series 32: 1991-92
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Series 32 subjects...
Paul NICHOLAS Actor and singer 16 October 1991
Keith FLOYD Cook, restauranteur and television personality 23 October 1991
Gwyneth JONES Welsh soprano 30 October 1991
Norman PAINTING Actor 6 November 1991
Thelma BARLOW Actress 13 November 1991
Nobby STILES Footballer 20 November 1991
Bernard MANNING Comedian 27 November 1991
Elizabeth MCCOLGAN Athlete 4 December 1991
Michael NICHOLSON Journalist and broadcaster 11 December 1991
Pam FERRIS Actress 18 December 1991
David BERGLAS Magician and mentalist 25 December 1991
Gary GLITTER Pop singer 1 January 1992
Nigel HAVERS Actor 8 January 1992
Maureen MORELAND Entertainer 15 January 1992
Tony BLACKBURN Disc jockey and television presenter 22 January 1992
Wendy TOYE Dancer, stage and film director and actress 29 January 1992
Alan BLEASDALE TV dramatist 5 February 1992
George SHEARING Jazz pianist 12 February 1992
Jim HOWARD Aid worker with Oxfam 19 February 1992
Kevin LLOYD Actor 26 February 1992
Josef LOCKE Irish tenor singer 11 March 1992
Robert LINDSAY Actor 18 March 1992
Hannah HAUXWELL Farmer 25 March 1992
Rory UNDERWOOD Rugby union player 1 April 1992
Susan HAMPSHIRE Actress 8 April 1992
Chris DE BURGH Singer-songwriter 15 April 1992

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for ITV
26 editions | 26 x 30 minutes
Wednesday | 7.00pm x 25 | 5.55pm x 1

Production team

Producer: Malcolm Morris | Associate Producer: John Graham | Programme Consultant: Roy Bottomley
Directors: Brian Klein, Terry Yarwood, Paul Kirrage, Brian Penders, Steve Minchin, Malcolm Morris
Writers: Roy Bottomley, Norman Giller
Researchers: Sue Green, Mandy Nixon, Elizabeth Ross, Tom Wettengel, Ian Brown, Sarah Ann Cockcroft
Production Assistants: Irene Clark, Diane Finch | Programme Co-ordinators: Angela Kennedy, Mandy Lee, Joanna Wood
Designer: Harry Clark | Film Research: Susan Tiplady