Series 40: 1999-2000
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Series 40 subjects...
Roger BLACK Athlete 1 November 1999
Hewitt CLARK Lifeboat coxswain 8 November 1999
Martin KEMP Actor and musician 13 November 1999
Denise WELCH Actress 15 November 1999
Rudolph WALKER Actor 22 November 1999
Martin JARVIS Actor 29 November 1999
Stuart HALL Broadcaster 6 December 1999
Rita TUSHINGHAM Actress 13 December 1999
Len VALE-ONSLOW Motorcycle manufacturer and enthusiast 20 December 1999
The Night of 1000 Lives A celebration of a thousand editions 15 January 2000
Dale WINTON Radio DJ and television personality 17 January 2000
Ian WRIGHT Television personality and former footballer 24 January 2000
Marguerite PATTEN Home economist, food writer and broadcaster 31 January 2000
Eddie JORDAN Founder of Jordan Grand Prix 7 February 2000
Dave Lee TRAVIS Radio and television presenter and disc jockey 14 February 2000
Harry HILL Comedian 21 February 2000
David VINE Television sports presenter 28 February 2000
John CRAVEN Television presenter 6 March 2000
Richard DUNWOODY Jockey 13 March 2000
Tom BAKER Actor 18 March 2000
Laurie HOLLOWAY Pianist and composer 20 March 2000
Kay MELLOR Actress and scriptwriter 27 March 2000
Mark WINGETT Actor 3 April 2000
Christopher TIMOTHY Actor 10 April 2000
SUGGS Singer-songwriter and musician 17 April 2000
Jason LEONARD Rugby union player 8 May 2000
Desmond WILCOX Journalist and filmmaker 15 May 2000
Roger KENDALL Firefighter 22 May 2000
Daniel O'DONNELL Singer 29 May 2000

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for BBC
28 editions | 1 special edition | 28 x 30 minutes | 1 x 80 minutes
Monday | 7.00pm x 8 | 8.30pm x 18
Saturday | 6.45pm x 1 | 8.55 pm x 1 | 9.45pm x 1
No editions broadcast on 27 December 1999, 3 January 2000 and 10 January 2000 due to the Christmas and New Year schedules
No edition broadcast on 24 April 2000 due to Easter Monday Bank Holiday schedule
No edition broadcast on 1 May 2000 due to May Day Bank Holiday schedule

Production team

In Association with Ralph Edwards Productions And TIYL Productions
Producer: Sue Green | Series Producer: Jack Crawshaw
Executive Producer: John Longley | Associate Producer: Helen Gordon-Smith
Directors: John Gorman, Steve Docherty | Location Directors: Steve Docherty, Peter Wisdom, Robin Bextor
Writers: Ian Brown, Joe Steeples
Researchers: Ruth Malone, Kate Greer, Jo Grant, Steve Lappin, Emma Dooley, Sue Venables, Liz Rawlings, Paul Broadbent
Programme Associates: Ian Brown, Joe Steeples | Production Assistants: Irene Maxwell-Clark, Liz Fleming
Production Manager: Dawn Gray | Programme Co-ordinators: Fiona Hurd, Deborah Armstrong
Music Composed by: Laurie Johnson | Production Designers: Martin Collins, Simon Jago | Archive Research: Helen Bennitt
Resource Managers/Co-ordinators: Cherry Allen, Paul Thackray, Tony Smith, Paul Flanaghan, Dave Griffiths, Richard Gordon, Richard Morgan
Lighting Directors: John Pomphrey, Ron Irvine, John Watt
Sound Supervisors: Peter Willcocks, Mick Wild, John Downes, Adrian Smith, Jack Krawczyk, Paul Gartrell, Andy Terry, Dave Thompson,
Paul Crichton, Mike McCarthy, Robert Edwards
Senior Cameraman: Chas Watts, Brian Jobson, Roy Easton, Tony Freeman
Vision Mixers: Carole Chessun, Glynis Bennett, Ian Blease, Tracy Bateman, Alison Jones, Carol Abbott
Videotape Editors: Steve Murray, Paul Richmond, Jeff May, Graham Hutchings, Mark Sangster
Production Team: Sara-Jane Gottlieb, Alex Renton, Roger Read, Emma Dooley, Sophie Gratton, Doug Ingram, Sue Davies, Paul Broadbent