Tom BAKER (1934-)

Tom Baker This Is Your Life
  • An unusual Saturday night edition billed in Radio Times as a This Is Your Life special

programme details...

  • Edition No: 1044
  • Subject No: 1019
  • Broadcast date: Sat 18 Mar 2000
  • Broadcast time: 9.45-10.15pm
  • Recorded: Mon 6 Mar 2000
  • Venue: Teddington Studios
  • Series: 40
  • Edition: 19
  • Code name: Time

on the guest list...

  • Elizabeth Quinn
  • Richard O'Callaghan
  • John Nathan-Turner
  • Sue Jerrard - wife
  • Charlie Higson
  • Louisa - sister
  • Michael - cousin
  • Billy - cousin
  • Frank Weston
  • Tony Maudesley
  • Malcolm Tierney
  • Michael Jayston
  • Arthur Cordes
  • John Cordes
  • Bill Slater
  • Barry Letts
  • Elisabeth Sladen
  • John Leeson
  • Julia Watson
  • Kate Fitzgerald
  • Ted Whitehead
  • Dinah Stabb
  • Hugh Quarshie
  • Peter Baldwin
  • Piers - son
  • Filmed tributes:
  • Jim Moir
  • Nick Ryan
  • Sue Johnston

production team...

  • Researcher: Emma Dooley
  • Writer: Ian Brown
  • Director: John Gorman
  • Associate Producer: Helen Gordon-Smith
  • Executive Producer: John Longley
  • Series Producer: Jack Crawshaw
  • Producer: Sue Green
  • names above in bold indicate subjects of This Is Your Life
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Tom Baker autobiography

Tom Baker refers to This Is Your Life in his autobiography, Who On Earth Is Tom Baker, published in 1997...

I have no gift for friendship. I quickly get tired of people and off they go. Only the other day I tried to think of a single friend I had made in my life and drew a blank. Odd, isn't it, not to have a friend.

In particular, I have always admired people who can be friends with old loves. I can't do that. I find it painful even to think of them. I haven't even got a dog, though I'm acquainted with a man who has a border terrier. And yet during the run of a play or a film I'm able to be very concerned that people are well and fed. I also like to know about people's aunts. I have always loved tales of aunts.

Sometimes I wish that I had got This Is Your Life, after Eamonn Andrews died. It really would have thrilled me to have all those aunts about the place. After Eamonn died, well, to tell the truth about half an hour after he died, I asked my then agent at London Management to ask the television people if I could take it over. I understood that for a moment they did consider me and then gave it to Michael Aspel. I haven't watched it much since then but when I have switched on I notice that they seem to have cut back on the aunts; so it all probably turned out for the best.

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