Series 41: 2000-01
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the show's fifty year history

The Great Survivor - Michael Aspel

Birmingham Evening Mail interview with Michael Aspel

Series 41 subjects...
Matthew PINSENT Rower 9 November 2000
Todd CARTY Actor 16 November 2000
Vinnie JONES Actor and former footballer 30 November 2000
Donald WOODS Writer and human rights campaigner 14 December 2000
Linda LUSARDI Actress and former glamour model 21 December 2000
Dorothy TUTIN Actress 27 December 2000
Paula TILBROOK Actress 4 January 2001
John HUMPHRYS Broadcaster 11 January 2001
Andrew DAVIS Conductor 18 January 2001
James ELLIS Actor 25 January 2001
Sue JENKINS Actress 7 February 2001
Geoffrey HUGHES Actor 14 February 2001
John VAN WEENEN Karateka and humanitarian 21 February 2001
Charles DANCE Actor 28 February 2001
Mick CHANNON Racehorse trainer and former footballer 7 March 2001
Jonathan ROSS Television and radio presenter 14 March 2001
Simon ROUSE Actor 21 March 2001
Midge URE Musician 28 March 2001
John BARNES Football manager and former footballer 4 April 2001
Paul JONES Singer, actor and broadcaster 11 April 2001
Patrick ROBINSON Actor 18 April 2001
Jim SHEKHDAR Ocean rower 25 April 2001
Valerie SINGLETON Television and radio broadcaster 2 May 2001
Darren GOUGH Cricketer 9 May 2001
Kevin WOODFORD Chef and television presenter 30 May 2001
Richard STILGOE Songwriter, lyricist and musician 7 June 2001

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for BBC
26 editions | 21 x 30 minutes | 3 x 35 minutes | 1 x 25 minutes | 1 x 40 minutes
Wednesday | 8.00pm x 13 | 8.35pm x 3
Thursday | 8.00pm x 9 | 8.30pm x 1
The advertised 23 November 2000 edition was rescheduled due to a UEFA Cup football match
No edition broadcast on 7 December 2000 due to a UEFA Cup football match
No edition scheduled for 1 February 2001
No edition broadcast on 16 May 2001 due to a UEFA Cup football match
No edition scheduled for 23 May 2001

Production team

In association with Ralph Edwards Productions And TIYL Productions
Producer: Sue Green | Series Producer: Jack Crawshaw
Executive Producer: John Longley | Associate Producer: Helen Gordon-Smith
Directors: John Gorman, Steve Docherty, Chris Fox | Location Directors: Steve Docherty, Peter Wisdom
Writers: Ian Brown, Joe Steeples
Researchers: Ruth Malone, Kate Greer, Jo Grant, Emma Dooley, Lesley Rowley, Alex Renton, Deborah Cowan, Sally Millson
Programme Associates: Ian Brown, Joe Steeples | Production Assistants: Irene Maxwell-Clark, Liz Fleming
Production Manager: Dawn Gray | Programme Co-ordinator: Deborah Armstrong
Music Composed by: Laurie Johnson | Production Designer: Martin Collins | Archive Research: Helen Bennitt
Resource Co-ordinators/Facilities Managers: Paul Thackray, Tony Smith, Aidan Boulter, Nigel Spong
Lighting Directors: John Pomphrey, John Watt
Sound Supervisors: Peter Willcocks, Jack Krawczyk, Paul Gartrell, Dave Thompson, Mike McCarthy, Richard Bradford,
Martin Eccles, Tony Revell
Senior Cameraman: Chas Watts, Roy Easton, Dave Fader, Dave Fox
Vision Mixers: Carole Chessun, Ian Blease, Carol Abbott, Linda Kelly, Roz Storey, Jenny Bozson
Dubbing Mixers: Adrian Smith, Paul Gartrell, Phil Reed
Videotape Editors: Steve Murray, Paul Richmond, Graham Hutchings, Mark Sangster, Paul Widdowson, Tom Kavanagh
Production Team: Alex Renton, Roger Read, Doug Ingram, Judi Grant, Claire Payne, Brian Bassett, Emma Taylor