Series 13: 1972-73
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Series 13 subjects...
Pat PHOENIX Actress 15 November 1972
Bill GRIFFITHS Second World War veteran 22 November 1972
Shirley BASSEY Singer 29 November 1972
Warren MITCHELL Actor 6 December 1972
Dudley MOORE Actor, comedian, composer and musician 13 December 1972
Phyllis CALVERT Actress 20 December 1972
Larry GRAYSON Comedian 27 December 1972
Clive SULLIVAN Rugby league player 3 January 1973
Bill SHANKLY Football manager 10 January 1973
Willie CARSON Jockey 17 January 1973
Jack SMETHURST Actor 24 January 1973
Mary PETERS Athlete 31 January 1973
Noele GORDON Actress 7 February 1973
James CORRIGAN Businessman 14 February 1973
Pat REID British Army Officer and author 21 February 1973
Diana COUPLAND Actress and singer 28 February 1973
Dulcie GRAY Actress and writer 7 March 1973
Janet ADAMS Red Cross nurse 14 March 1973
Rita HUNTER Opera singer 21 March 1973
Leslie CROWTHER Comedian, actor and television presenter 28 March 1973
Jimmy LOGAN Entertainer and impresario 4 April 1973
Spike MILLIGAN Comedian, writer and actor 11 April 1973
Jackie PALLO Wrestler 18 April 1973
John GREGSON Actor 25 April 1973
Jackie CHARLTON Footballer 2 May 1973
Francis O'LEARY Roman Catholic priest and missionary 9 May 1973

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for ITV
26 editions | 26 x 30 minutes
Wednesday | 7.00pm

Production team

Created by: Ralph Edwards
Producer: Malcolm Morris | Directors: Margery Baker, Peter Webb
Writers: John Sandilands, Jack Crawshaw, Martin Robertson
Researchers: Sarah Dickinson, David McFarlane, Martin Robertson, Sarah Manwaring-White, Olga Kersner
Programme Consultants: Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley | Production Assistants: Maggi Ricketts, Eve Patey
Designers: Sylva Nadolny, Nevil Dickin, Gordon Toms | Location Director: Peter Webb
Production Team: Jack Crawshaw, Sarah Dickinson, David McFarlane, Martin Robertson, Sarah Manwaring-White, Olga Kersner