Series 14: 1973-74
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Series 14 subjects...
Jim DALE Actor, singer and songwriter 21 November 1973
Vic FEATHER Trade unionist 28 November 1973
Hayley MILLS Actress 5 December 1973
Pete MURRAY Radio and television presenter and actor 12 December 1973
George SEWELL Actor 19 December 1973
David NIXON Magician and television personality 26 December 1973
Robert DOUGALL Broadcaster 2 January 1974
Deryck GUYLER Actor 9 January 1974
Derek DOUGAN Footballer 16 January 1974
William COLES Retired Royal Air Force Officer 23 January 1974
Jimmy JEWEL Comedian and actor 30 January 1974
John ALDERTON Actor 6 February 1974
Patrick MOORE Astronomer, writer and broadcaster 13 February 1974
Sam KYDD Actor 20 February 1974
John DANKWORTH Musician and composer 27 February 1974
Gordon OSTLERE Surgeon and writer 28 February 1974
Lionel BLAIR Dancer, choreographer and actor 6 March 1974
Sheila SCOTT Aviator 13 March 1974
Roy DOTRICE Actor 20 March 1974
Barry BRIGGS Motorcycle speedway rider 27 March 1974
Christopher LEE Actor 3 April 1974
Beryl GREY Ballet dancer 10 April 1974
Terry BIDDLECOMBE Jockey 17 April 1974
Don REVIE Football manager 24 April 1974
Robert MORLEY Actor 1 May 1974
David HEMERY Athlete 8 May 1974
Eamonn ANDREWS Television presenter 15 May 1974

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for ITV
27 editions | 27 x 30 minutes
Wednesday | 7.00pm x 26
Thursday | 10.15pm x 1

Production team

Created by: Ralph Edwards
Producer: Malcolm Morris | Directors: Royston Mayoh, Peter Webb, Steve Minchin
Writers: John Sandilands, Jack Crawshaw, Martin Robertson, John Viner, Frank Hayes, Fred Austin, Maurice Leonard
Researchers: Sarah Dickinson, Vincent Stafford, Sarah Manwaring-White, Maurice Leonard
Carol Lee, Nina Burr, Dee Maclure, Fred Austin
Programme Consultants: Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley | Programme Editor: Jack Crawshaw
Production Assistant: Maggi Minchin | Designers: Jim Nicholson, Richard Francis
Location Directors: Peter Webb, Royston Mayoh