Series 15: 1974-75
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Series 15 subjects...
Jack ASHLEY Politician 10 October 1974
John CONTEH Boxer 13 November 1974
Jack HOWARTH Actor 20 November 1974
Chay BLYTH Yachtsman and rower 27 November 1974
Bill MAYNARD Actor and comedian 4 December 1974
Richard O'SULLIVAN Actor 11 December 1974
Dick FRANCIS Crime writer and former jockey 18 December 1974
Arthur ASKEY Comedian and actor 25 December 1974
Jean KENT Actress 1 January 1975
Geoff LOVE Musician, composer and arranger 8 January 1975
Ray COONEY Playwright, actor and director 15 January 1975
Queenie WATTS Actress and singer 22 January 1975
Harry JOHNSON Coastguard 29 January 1975
Leonard ROSSITER Actor 5 February 1975
John HANSON Singer and actor 12 February 1975
Denis LAW Footballer 19 February 1975
Ted RAY Comedian 26 February 1975
Peter BUTTERWORTH Actor 5 March 1975
Nina BADEN-SEMPER Actress 12 March 1975
Dickie DAVIES Television sports presenter 19 March 1975
Moira ANDERSON Singer 26 March 1975
Precious MCKENZIE Weightlifter 2 April 1975
Mollie SUGDEN Actress 9 April 1975
Michael BATES Actor 16 April 1975
Willie John MCBRIDE Rugby union player 23 April 1975
Petula CLARK Singer and actress 30 April 1975
Garfield SOBERS Cricketer 7 May 1975

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for ITV
27 editions | 26 x 30 minutes | 1 x 35 minutes
Wednesday | 7.00pm x 25 | 7.15pm x 1
Thursday | 10.10pm x 1

Production team

Created by: Ralph Edwards
Executive Producer: Malcolm Morris | Producer: Jack Crawshaw
Directors: Robert Reed, Peter Webb, Royston Mayoh
Writers: John Sandilands, Frank Hayes, Fred Austin, Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley, Martin Robertson
Researchers: Fred Austin, Carol Lee, Jack Piler, Frank Hayes, Debbie Gaunt, Maurice Leonard, Martin Robertson
Programme Consultants: Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley | Programme Associate: Martin Robertson
Programme Organiser: Kay Bird | Production Assistant: Janet Mullins | Designers: Nevil Dickin, Alex MacIntyre, Paul Dean Fortune
Location Directors: Steve Minchin, John Phillips, Royston Mayoh, Robert Reed, Dennis Kirkland