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TV Times
19 April 1975
TV Times: This Is Your Life article
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A wily witness from the past; a red book full of evidence; 10 million viewers – those are the ingredients for This Is Your Life. We asked five of Eamonn Andrews' recent "victims" about their reactions as their Life passed before their eyes. On one point they were unanimous – it's shocking, this television Life.

Ted Ray (comedian):

'It was fantastic – and this was my second Life. I was the third subject in the 1955 series. But when I saw Eamonn with that book again... well, never again will people tell me that "victims" aren't surprised. I wish it lasted two hours'

Queenie Watts (actress):

'It wasn't a surprise – it was a shock. I got so excited, I didn't know what was happening. In fact, I enjoyed it more afterwards, watching at home. I never miss other people's 'Life'. But to be on it myself... beautiful'

Harry Johnson (coastguard):

'I can honestly say I didn't have any idea I was going to be a This Is Your Life "victim". But I wasn't embarrassed about it... apart from the first few minutes when I didn't know just what was happening'

Nina Baden-Semper (see Love Thy Neighbour):

'Of course it was a surprise. If it wasn't I wouldn't have done it. But it was lovely seeing all those people again – or, rather, it still is. They flew my family over from Trinidad – and they're still here'

Denis Law (ex professional footballer):

'My show was over before I realised I'd done it. It was a total shock and I sat throughout it in a haze, standing up, sitting down, doing nothing myself. I was in a completely different world for a couple of days after.'