Roger Elliot Predicts For Eamonn Andrews
TV Times
20 February 1974
TV Times: Eamonn Andrews article
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This week and next I plan to look at the horoscopes of two men who have spent their TV careers interviewing stars, presenting them to the public and showing us the human side of showbusiness. All Sagittarians love variety. Eamonn Andrews (born December 19, 1922) is no exception: in his time he has run sports programmes, chat shows, quiz games and the unique This Is Your Life. His moon is in Capricorn and he has a shrewd business instinct which has brought considerable wealth. It has also made him a discreet man. Combine these with his Mercury-Neptune wistfulness and Irish good nature, and you have an explanation of his continuing appeal. He has two moments of difficulty in the coming year: in late May, when he will need to be patient and long-suffering, and again at the year's end, when a friendship could be threatened. Otherwise 1974 should run smoothly for him.

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