Series 12: 1971-72
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Series 12 subjects...
George BEST Footballer 17 November 1971
Alfred MARKS Actor and comedian 24 November 1971
Rolf HARRIS Artist and entertainer 1 December 1971
Don WHILLANS Rock climber and mountaineer 8 December 1971
Sacha DISTEL Singer and guitarist 15 December 1971
Les DAWSON Comedian 22 December 1971
Doris HARE Actress 29 December 1971
Keith MICHELL Actor 5 January 1972
David FROST Broadcaster, journalist and entertainer 12 January 1972
Barry JOHN Rugby union player 19 January 1972
Michael FLANDERS Actor, broadcaster, writer and performer 26 January 1972
Charlie WILLIAMS Comedian 2 February 1972
Ginette SPANIER Fashion house director 9 February 1972
Hughie GREEN Television presenter and actor 16 February 1972
Tom COURTENAY Actor 23 February 1972
Hylda BAKER Comedienne and actress 1 March 1972
Gordon BANKS Football goalkeeper 8 March 1972
Alan RUDKIN Boxer 15 March 1972
Michael WOOD Doctor 22 March 1972
Graham KERR Television chef 29 March 1972
Pauline COLLINS Actress 5 April 1972
Ray ILLINGWORTH Cricketer 12 April 1972
Patricia HAYES Actress 19 April 1972
Nosher POWELL Stuntman, actor and former boxer 26 April 1972
Richard BRIERS Actor 3 May 1972
LULU Singer and actress 10 May 1972

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for ITV
26 editions | 26 x 30 minutes
Wednesday | 7.00pm

Production team

Created by: Ralph Edwards
Producer: Malcolm Morris | Directors: Margery Baker, Steve Minchin
Writers: John Sandilands, Jack Crawshaw, Ian Black, Martin Robertson
Researchers: Jack Crawshaw, Alan Haire, Sarah Dickinson, Ian Black, David McFarlane, Valerie Brayden, Martin Robertson
Programme Consultants: Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley | Production Assistant: Maggi Ricketts | Designer: Sylva Nadolny
Film Director: Royston Mayoh | Film Editor: Tom Adams
Production Team: Ian Black, Valerie Brayden, Jack Crawshaw, Sarah Dickinson, Alan Haire, David McFarlane, Martin Robertson