Series 11: 1970-71
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Series 11 subjects...
Bob HOPE Actor, comedian and entertainer 18 November 1970
Bob HOPE 25 November 1970
Vidal SASSOON Hairstylist 2 December 1970
Talbot ROTHWELL Screenwriter 9 December 1970
Mike and Bernie WINTERS Comedy double act 16 December 1970
Joe BROWN Singer and musician 23 December 1970
Patrick CAMPBELL Journalist and television personality 30 December 1970
Bobby MOORE Footballer 6 January 1971
Robert SOUTTER Ambulance driver 13 January 1971
Graham HILL Racing driver 20 January 1971
Sandy POWELL Comedian 27 January 1971
Edward WOODWARD Actor 3 February 1971
Moira LISTER Actress 10 February 1971
Dickie HENDERSON Entertainer 17 February 1971
Wilfred PICKLES Actor and radio presenter 24 February 1971
Kenny BALL Jazz musician 3 March 1971
Marjorie PROOPS Journalist and agony aunt 10 March 1971
Basil D'OLIVEIRA Cricketer 17 March 1971
Clive DUNN Actor 24 March 1971
Peter NOONE Singer and actor 31 March 1971
Monica DICKENS Writer 7 April 1971
Jon PERTWEE Actor, comedian and entertainer 14 April 1971
Lionel JEFFRIES Actor and film director 21 April 1971
Adam FAITH Singer and actor 28 April 1971
Googie WITHERS Actress 5 May 1971
Matt BUSBY Football manager 12 May 1971

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for ITV
26 editions | 26 x 30 minutes
Wednesday | 7.00pm

Production team

Created by: Ralph Edwards
Producer: Robert Tyrrell | Directors: Margery Baker, Steve Minchin
Writers: John Sandilands, Jack Crawshaw, John Stapleton, Mary McAnally, Janette Carn, Phil McDonnell, Lawrie Wyman, George Evans
Researchers: Alan Haire, Jack Crawshaw, John Stapleton, Mary McAnally, Janette Carn, Martin Robertson, Sarah Dickinson
Programme Consultants: Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley | Production Assistant: Mary Ellis | Designer: Nevil Dickin
Production Team: Janette Carn, Jack Crawshaw, Alan Haire, Mary McAnally, Martin Robertson, John Stapleton