Eamonn Andrews is back with another 'Life'
TV Times
11 November 1972
TV Times: This Is Your Life article
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The new series of This Is Your Life begins this week with Eamonn Andrews once again gleefully pouncing on subjects whose lives are being brought to television. Andrews has hosted more than 300 This Is Your Life programmes.

Back in 1955 he was actually the subject of one. He thought he was to introduce Stanley Matthews; instead, one of the guests introduced Eamonn Andrews. On that programme his mother talked about how her Eamonn (born in Dublin in 1922 and the oldest of five children) started his career as a middleweight boxer and then became a boxing commentator.

Who are the likely subjects for the new series? No one is saying. In fact, the staff, participants and their relatives are sworn to secrecy, and you can learn more about all the "white lies" on page 8.

Says producer Malcolm Morris: "The subject could be anyone – you, you or you..."

There was once a plan to feature Harold Wilson on the programme. The plan was dropped when it was discovered that Harold Wilson wasn't likely to be pleased at the prospect. For the most part, subjects – once confronted by Andrews – are happy to appear.

Perhaps it's because they get sympathetic treatment. Eamonn Andrews says: "The programme's not a documentary or a biography; it's more like a party."