Series 1: 1955-56
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Series 1 subjects...
Eamonn ANDREWS Radio and television presenter 29 July 1955
Yvonne BAILEY former Special Operations Executive agent 25 September 1955
Ted RAY Comedian 23 October 1955
James BUTTERWORTH Methodist minister 20 November 1955
C B FRY Sportsman, journalist, author and scholar 18 December 1955
Johanna HARRIS British Red Cross nurse 1 January 1956
Donald CAMPBELL Speed record breaker 15 January 1956
Joe BRANNELLY Musician and music publisher 29 January 1956
Stanley MATTHEWS Footballer 12 February 1956
Henry STARLING Market porter 26 February 1956
Ida COOK Novelist and campaigner 11 March 1956
Lupino LANE Actor and theatre manager 25 March 1956
Hugh Oloff DE WET Artist 8 April 1956
Elizabeth WILDE Spinal injury patient 22 April 1956
Robert STANFORD TUCK RAF fighter pilot 6 May 1956
These Were Your Lives Review of the series 20 May 1956

Broadcast details

BBC Television Service
15 editions | 1 special | 15 x 30 minutes | 1 x 45 minutes
Sunday | 7.45pm x 12 | 8.15pm x 1 | 3.30pm x 1 | 7.50pm x 1
Friday | 7.45pm x 1

Production team

Devised by: Ralph Edwards
Producer: T Leslie Jackson
Writer: Gale Pedrick | Researchers: Peter Moore, Nigel Ward | Research Assistant: Nickola Sterne
Music written by: James Turner | Orchestra conducted by: Eric Robinson, George Clouston
Designer: Barry Learoyd | Production Assistant: Ronald Lane