Series 2: 1956-57
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Series 2 subjects...
Peter SCOTT Conservationist, painter, sportsman and broadcaster 1 October 1956
Ada REEVE Actress 15 October 1956
Peter METHVEN Retired Fire Officer 29 October 1956
Sue RYDER Charity activist 12 November 1956
Harry S PEPPER Songwriter, composer, actor and BBC producer 26 November 1956
Compton MACKENZIE Writer 10 December 1956
Maud FAIRMAN Cleaner 24 December 1956
Billy SMART Circus owner and showman 31 December 1956
Brian HESSION Clergyman, filmmaker and campaigner 7 January 1957
John BARBIROLLI Conductor and cellist 21 January 1957
Duncan GUTHRIE Charity founder 4 February 1957
Esmond KNIGHT Actor 18 February 1957
Sammy MCCARTHY Boxer 4 March 1957
Edwin MADRON Lifeboatman coxswain 18 March 1957
Diana DORS Actress 1 April 1957
Parry JONES Tenor 15 April 1957
Percy FLOOD Charity founder 29 April 1957
G H ELLIOTT Singer and dancer 13 May 1957
Stuart HIBBERD Radio broadcaster 27 May 1957
Stories behind
Review of the series 24 June 1957

Broadcast details

BBC Television Service
19 editions | 1 special | 20 x 30 minutes
Monday | 8.15pm x 5 | 7.15pm x 3 | 8.45pm x 1 | 8.00pm x 1 | 7.30pm x 10

Production team

Devised by: Ralph Edwards
Producer: T Leslie Jackson
Writers: Gale Pedrick, Larry Forrester | Researchers: Peter Moore, Nigel Ward
Music written by: James Turner | Orchestra conducted by: George Clouston
Production Assistant: Ronald Lane