Series 29: 1988-89
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How they asked Aspel

TV Times interviews new presenter Michael Aspel

Secrets Of 'Life': The ones who got away

Producer Malcolm Morris exposes some production secrets to TV Times

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Press reviews of the former scriptwriter's new book

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Series 29 subjects...
Mickey ROONEY Actor and entertainer 19 October 1988
Phil COLLINS Musician, singer-songwriter and actor 26 October 1988
Paul DANIELS Magician and television presenter 2 November 1988
Tom FINNEY Former footballer 9 November 1988
Esther RANTZEN Journalist and TV presenter 16 November 1988
Richard TODD Actor 23 November 1988
Engelbert HUMPERDINCK Singer 30 November 1988
Barry MCGUIGAN Boxer 7 December 1988
Robert MAXWELL Media proprietor 14 December 1988
Harry CORBETT Puppeteer and entertainer 21 December 1988
Cliff MORGAN Welsh rugby union player 28 December 1988
Roy HUDD Actor and writer 4 January 1989
Claire RAYNER Nurse, journalist, broadcaster and novelist 11 January 1989
Cyril MILLS Circus owner 18 January 1989
Dora BRYAN Actress 25 January 1989
Margaret HAYLES Charity founder 1 February 1989
Denis HEALEY Politician 8 February 1989
Gillian LYNNE Dancer and choreographer 15 February 1989
Nigel MANSELL Racing driver 22 February 1989
Su POLLARD Comedy actress 1 March 1989

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for ITV
20 editions | 20 x 30 minutes
Wednesday | 7.00pm

Production team

Producer: Malcolm Morris | Directors: Brian Klein, David Clark | Writers: Roy Bottomley, Norman Giller
Researchers: Caroline Blackadder, Sue Green, Tom Wettengel, Claire Jenkinson, Louise Clover, David Mason, Joanna Stewart
Programme Consultant: Roy Bottomley | Production Assistants: Irene Clark, Ellie Gleave
Programme Organisers: Angela Kennedy, Mandy Lee, Joanna Wood | Designer: Jane Moorfoot | Film Research: Susan Tiplady