Series 28: 1987-88
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Series 28 subjects...
Alan FREEMAN Disc jockey and broadcaster 14 October 1987
Roy BARRACLOUGH Actor 21 October 1987
Georg SOLTI Orchestral and operatic conductor 28 October 1987
Jimmy CRICKET Comedian and entertainer 4 November 1987
Kitty GODFREE Former tennis player 6 January 1988
Tom MCCLEAN Ocean rower 13 January 1988
Jane ROSSINGTON Actress 20 January 1988

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for ITV
7 editions | 7 x 30 minutes
Wednesday | 7.00pm

Production team

Created by: Ralph Edwards - Ralph Edwards Productions
Producer: Malcolm Morris | Associate Producer: Brian Klein
Directors: Terry Yarwood, Stuart Hall | Writer: Roy Bottomley
Researchers: Caroline Blackadder, David Mason, Tom Wettengel, Claire Jenkinson, Louise Clover, Sue Green
Programme Consultant: Roy Bottomley | Production Assistants: Irene Clark, Ellie Gleave
Designer: Jim Nicholson | Film Research: Susan Tiplady
Studio Supervisors: Del Randall, Gil Driver, Bruce Englefield, Brian Kerr
Lighting Directors: Bob Simmons, Wilf Baty, Peter Bower, David Motture, Clive Gulliver, Luigi Bottoni
Senior Cameramen: Albert Almond, John Scarrot, Adrian J Fearnley, Mike Solomans, Roy Easton
Sound Supervisors: Bill Rawcliffe, Dave Grassing, Richard Bradford
Vision Control: Arnold Spence, Keith Worrall, Bob Mason, David Harvey, Richard Waiting, Bill Marley
Vision Mixers: Peter Phillips, Brenda Wilson, Nick Ames, Martin Perrett, Peter Boffin
Make-up Supervisors: Angela Seyfang, Helen Sherry, Christine Morrell, Dianne Millar
Wardrobe Supervisors: Alison Munro, Jane Morris
Floor Managers: John Lopes, Les Davis, Nick Hurran, Peter Beaven, Aidan Boulter
Production Team: Mark Dobson, Roy Fewins, Angela Kennedy, Mandy Lee, Elizabeth Ross, Jill Townsend, Terence Badham, Roger Holmes
Colin Bocking, Grant Goodwin, Dave Lewington