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6 November 1987
The Sun: Eamonn Andrews article
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The stars mourn Eamonn Andrews

By Tim Ewbank and Garry Bushell

Television giant Eamonn Andrews, beloved host of TV's This Is Your Life, died yesterday. He was 64.

The genial Irishman – who created and presented the top show for more than 30 years – was killed by heart disease.

Within hours of his death, showbiz celebrities were queuing in the wings to pay their respects to the charming, chuckling star who – with the secrets of his big red book – became one of Britain's most popular performers.

Impressionist MIKE YARWOOD said: "Eamonn was a very nice man, respected by everyone. He was always so caring about his victims."

"He told me my impression of him was not exactly painless but he also thanked me for including him in my show."

DANNY LA RUE said: "I have lost not only a friend but a man devoted to his business, his family and our profession."

"He will be sorely missed by his millions of fans and friends. A light has gone out on our homes."

Comedian FREDDIE STARR said: "He was a very warm man, one of the nicest people I have ever met in showbusiness."

"Eamonn was a true pro and one of those rare stars who are admired not only by the public but by his fellow performers."

Actress JUNE WHITFIELD, who appeared on This Is Your Life in 1976, said: "He is a great loss, the end of an era."

"He was a great worrier, always concerned that things would turn out right. Yet he had a great ability to calm people down."

DES O'CONNOR said: "He was a warm-hearted, great professional and we shall all miss him. It is a sad day for television."


Comedian JIM DAVIDSON described his time as a "victim" on the show as one of the most memorable days in his life.

As a former boxer and commentator on the sport, Eamonn was a great fight enthusiast.

Frank Bruno's manager TERRY LAWLESS said: "He was one of those guys who wrote – always by hand – to wish a boxer luck or congratulate him on a good win."

"And he also found time to write when you needed it most – after things hadn't gone so well."

BILL COTTON, managing director of BBC television, said Eamonn would be remembered by the public and his fellow professionals as "one of the pillars of popular broadcasting in this country."

ERNIE WISE said: "He was a wonderful man and a giant TV personality."

TERRY WOGAN said: "Any of us Irish folk who have made it over here owes a great deal to Eamonn."


"He was articulate and intelligent although he tried to mask it on TV."

"Eamonn was a very strong man but he saw that the public were more likely to respond to his qualities of gentleness."

"He was quick-witted and quick to respond to anything."

He needed to be. The surprise technique he used on "victims" often saw him in a variety of disguises – including dressing as Santa Claus and a sheik.

Quizmaster MICHAEL ASPEL recalled the day Eamonn caught him with that red book in the middle of a Give Us A Clue rehearsal.

Michael said: "I had to guess the name of This Is Your Life. Then on he walked, giggling and excited."

"He had the gift to always make it seem he was more pleased to meet you than you were to meet him."

"This Is Your Life was Eamonn's life. He was always like a naughty little boy playing a trick on his mum."

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The Sun: Eamonn Andrews article

Eamonn died in his sleep. I phoned the children and said: Your daddy is dead




'We were all packed to go away on holiday'

Eamonn Andrews' distraught widow Grainne fought back the tears last night as she told how the star's death stunned her and the couple's three adopted children.

"It has come so suddenly," sobbed Grainne, 62. "We thought Eamonn was coming out of hospital. It is such a shock."

Eamonn, 64, died so unexpectedly that she was unable to reach his bedside at London's Cromwell Hospital in time.

"He didn't know he was dying and died in his sleep," she said. "He didn't know anything about it. It helps me to know that."

"He was looking forward to coming out next week. That was what the doctors told him. That is what we believed and that is what he believed."

Grainne, whose 36th wedding anniversary is tomorrow, was making plans to go on holiday with Eamonn to Lanzarote.

At the couple's flat in Chiswick, West London, Grainne – the name is pronounced Gronya – said:

"We were all packed. It was arranged before he had to go into hospital."

"He worked last Friday on his last This Is Your Life."

"I can't see any reason why it should not be broadcast. Eamonn would have wanted it to go out."

"I cannot say who the subject is – it is secret."


"Over the weekend Eamonn felt weak and he went into hospital on Monday for an x-ray."

"I was with him the last night until about 8.30pm. We watched the re-run of This Is Your Life together on the TV."

"He asked me to bring him in a script for the next programme. He was in fine form."

"After he died I phoned the children in Dublin and told them their daddy was dead."

Grainne – who now owns the copyright of This Is Your Life – does not know whether to allow another presenter to take over.

"I can't think of a replacement for him at the moment – can you?" she said.

Eamonn's children, who arrived in London, are Emma, 25, a hotel public relations officer, Fergal, 23, a guitarist with the Irish rock group Cactus World News; and 19-year-old Niamh, a trainee nursery teacher.

Fergal said after going to see his father's body: "We realised he was not very well but nothing like this. It was very unexpected."

Niamh said: "We saw him last week when he came over to Dublin. He used to come over every weekend."

Eamonn, who died at 2.15am from progressive deterioration of the main heart muscle, was a former 60-a-day smoker.

He also loved good food and wine – and the stress of TV work must also have taken its toll on his heart.

It was a tragic end to the life that started on December 19, 1922.

Eamonn, eldest of a poor carpenter's five sons, first went to a convent school. His mother was deeply religious. [ editor: Eamonn Andrews had one brother and three sisters]

Life was tougher at secondary school and the shy youngster took boxing lessons to help him beat off bullies.

By the age of 16 Eamonn was All-Ireland Juvenile Boxing Champion and later took the Junior Middleweight Irish crown.


Eamonn took a job as an insurance clerk – but broadcast on boxing and soccer for Irish radio – at £2 a time.

The poetry-loving youngster was soon writing documentaries and running a record show.

The big break came in 1950 when Eamonn won an audition with the BBC and began appearing on British TV screens.

He compared What's My Line? alternating with Gilbert Harding – and soon became sole host.

Eamonn, popularity soaring, launched This Is Your Life on BBC in July 1955.

The first show backfired after soccer ace Stanley Matthews was revealed as the subject before the programme was due on air.

Eamonn himself had to appear as the show's first "victim" instead.

He rapidly became one of TV's biggest stars – and a children's favourite on the teatime Crackerjack show.

In 1964, the BBC dropped This Is Your Life but it was snapped up by ITV. And in 1974, he was again the surprised subject of the show.

But the work was hard.

"It's like working a seven-and-a-half day week," Eamonn joked.

"I never really expected the show to last so long."

"Every season I have the same fear and trepidation about how things will work out."

"It is an emotional show. If we have done our job properly, people watching should end up with a lump in their throats – and so should I."

In the early days Eamonn was the highest-paid TV entertainer, earning £40,000 a year.

He went from success to success, hosting his Eamonn Andrews chat show, the Today daily news programme and World of Sport.

His latest two-year contract with Thames Television was worth £500,000.

Fame bought him a £500,000 Dallas-style mansion near Dublin.

And there was never a whiff of scandal about the man who once said: "I adore being with my family."



Telly superstar Terry Wogan is hot favourite to replace Eamonn if This Is Your Life stays on the screens, it was revealed last night.

Eamonn is known to have thought his friend and fellow Irishman was exactly right to take over the hit show.

Thames TV bosses would be ready to offer a sensational £1million to woo 49-year-old Wogan from the BBC.

The deal would be worth more than twice the salary he currently earns and also involves him in a new ITV chat-show.

Thames insiders revealed that bosses are drawing up a short-list of top names in their search for a replacement in case they cannot get Wogan.

We can reveal exclusively the list includes telly golden boy David Frost, chat show star Michael Parkinson, breakfast TV presenter Frank Bough, and funny-man Tom O'Connor.

Wogan, who hosted last night's ITV tribute to Eamonn, would not comment on the possibility of taking over.

The four remaining recorded This Is Your Life shows will not now be screened until next year. [ editor: there were only three unscreened editions at the time of his death]

Eamonn owned the British copyright for the programme.

This will be passed to his widow, Grainne, who will have the final say on whether a new series should be made.

Golden screen

Eamonn made a fortune out of TV by shrewdly buying the rights to his own show – and cashing in on its success.

A financial empire he built up in Ireland crashed, but he still owned homes worth £700,000.

Vicious circle of death

Progressive deterioration of the myocardium – the main heart muscle – is the disease blamed for the death of Eamonn Andrews.

It is caused by poor blood supply – and a lack of oxygen carried in the blood.

This sets up a vicious circle – the muscle's weakness affects the heart's pumping action, which in turn makes the muscle worse.

It can be caused by smoking, lack of exercise, high blood pressure or being overweight.

Eamonn started worrying about his heart two years ago, but tests showed nothing wrong.

The Sun: Eamonn Andrews article


Twenty great moments from This Is Your Life


JOAN COLLINS... her tears of joy were just put on for the TV cameras

HURRICANE HIGGINS... Eamonn revealed the snooker star's softer side

ANGELA RIPPON... surprised while signing copies of her children's book

RICHARD GORDON... agreed to be on the show after first taking fright

Irish charmer Eamonn Andrews hosted some of the most moving moments on television during the 32 years he fronted This Is Your Life.

He used a string of devious disguises and deceptions to sneak up on unsuspecting victims with his famous red book and utter the immortal words This Is Your Life.

And the shock factor of the programmes, which were planned in utmost secrecy, often produced moments of the highest real-life drama.

There was rarely a dry eye in the house as personalities were re-introduced to long-lost relatives and surrounded by friends and family.

Here are 20 of the greatest moments from the 700 This Is Your Life shows screened since 1955.

1. Dynasty queen Joan Collins burst into tears in November 1982 when husband Ron Kass appeared as the climax to the show. Kass, nursing a broken ankle, hobbled into the studio to embrace his wife. But the couple were living a lie for the cameras. Behind the scenes they were locked in bitter rows and had decided to divorce. [ editor: Ron Kass was not a guest on the show!]

2. Legendary Manchester United soccer manager Sir Matt Busby was the only celebrity to be featured TWICE. He first appeared in 1958. Then, in 1971, Eamonn tricked him into attending a dinner to receive what he thought was to be a special award from him. Sir Matt recalled: "I thought I was in safe hands because I had been done before." [ editor: Matt Busby was the first subject to be honoured by This Is Your Life twice and the surprise took place at Manchester City's ground at Maine Road, Manchester]

3. Richard Gordon, author of the smash-hit Doctor books, took fright when he was a victim in February 1974. He had been lured to Thames's studios on the pretext of a consultation about a script. When he saw Eamonn looming, real-life doctor Gordon told him: "Not on your nelly!" But he agreed to go back the following week to make the show. [ editor: his actual response was "Oh balls!" and his tribute was recorded later the same day and broadcast the following week]

4. Footballer Danny Blanchflower is the ONLY person to refuse to go on the show. He curtly said: "No" when collared outside the BBC's Shepherd's Bush studios in 1961 and did a runner. [ editor: he was surprised in a small news studio near Broadcasting House in central London]

5. Fellow Irishman Terry Wogan got the treatment from Eamonn in April 1978 as he was presenting his Radio Two morning show. As Eamonn burst in, millions heard Wogan say: "Eamonn, I'll kill you."

6. Newsreader Angela Rippon was a totally unsuspecting victim in November 1981. She was signing copies of her children's book in a London store when Eamonn arrived.

7. Fiery snooker star Alex "Hurricane" Higgins shed floods of tears during his appearance in February 1981. Eamonn and his snoopers discovered that Higgins had dashed to the hospital bedside of a young snooker fan in a coma after a road accident. After revealing Higgin's soft, caring nature, Eamonn told him: "I know this is a side of you that many people just don't know about."

8. Prince Andrew lured royal photographer Norman Parkinson on to the show in November 1983. The prince turned up for what Parkinson thought would be a photo-session.

9. The Royal Family's favourite uncle, Lord Mountbatten, was virtually rendered speechless when snared at his daughter's birthday party in April 1977. When Eamonn uttered the four famous words, Lord Mountbatten asked: "What do you mean? What is all this?"

10. Eamonn's biggest coup was his Christmas Day special on world boxing champ Muhammad Ali in 1979. Ali appeared to back away from Eamonn after he appeared at TV studios expecting to be interviewed by boxing commentator Reg Gutteridge. Insiders claimed Ali was in on the secret – and was paid £50,000 for the appearance.

11. Tennis star Virginia Wade broke down in tears in December 1977 after Eamonn caught up with her while she was practising with Billie-Jean King. Wade, who had won the Wimbledon women's crown that summer, told Eamonn: "I didn't know this was going to happen. Where am I going to practise my tennis now?" [ editor: She was surprised while receiving an award at the National Sports Stadium at Crystal Palace, and her response to Eamonn was "Geez! How did you manage to sneak up on me?"]

12. Pint-sized comedian Ronnie Corbett was expecting Eamonn when The Frost Report ended one Sunday in April 1970. Co-star Ronnie Barker had told him that Eamonn was going to do a This Is Your Life on Frost. Sure enough, as the final sketch ended, Eamonn appeared with his big red book. Then Ronnie got the shock of his life – he was Eamonn's target. [ editor: see Ronnie Corbett's page for what actually happened!]

13. Frost himself was caught later when he went for dinner at his favourite restaurant.

14. Actress Pauline Collins won millions of new fans when she told Eamonn in April 1972: "I haven't GOT a life." He looked flabbergasted – but battled on and produced Pauline's favourite uncle from New Orleans.

15. Soccer wild boy George Best was grabbed as he modelled clothes at a fashion show in November 1971. But Eamonn spared George's blushes by producing NONE of his string of girlfriends.

16. Singer Shirley Bassey gasped and buried her head in her hands when she was accosted by "airline officer" Eamonn as she flew into Heathrow Airport.

17. Eamonn dressed up as a cab-driver to get his goal when he tackled Liverpool footballer Kenny Dalglish. He lined up the biggest stars in soccer to pay tribute.

18. Coronation Street star Pat Phoenix was in the middle of filming when Eamonn popped out of the scenery. Pat turned to director Eric Prytherch, who helped set up the trick, and screamed: "Taffy, I'll bloody kill you."

19. Twiggy almost did a runner when she turned up at a TV studio to make a documentary. She roared up in her Lamborghini sports car – and caught a glimpse of some of the guests. As she started to close the car door to get away, Eamonn dragged it open saying: "Lesley Hornby, better known as Twiggy, This Is Your Life." [ editor: check Twiggy's page for what actually happened!]

20. Stargazer Russell Grant shrieked, "Bloody Norah" when he saw Eamonn looming out of the shadows in February 1985. Russell sobbed all through the 30-minute show.

The Sun: Eamonn Andrews article


Exclusive By JOHN SCOTT

The last name in tragic Eamonn Andrews's star-studded big red book was Crossroad's actress Jane Rossington. She was added to Britain's most famous role of honour last Friday.

Jane thought she was going to London to appear in the Des O'Connor show when she came face to face with the charming television trickster.

"It was the biggest shock in my life when Eamonn suddenly appeared," she said last night. "It was a dream come true for me. I think it is the biggest tribute an actress could have. I am so grateful I was able to receive it before his death."

One person who was on the This Is Your Life set for Eamonn's last recording said: "I was surprised how tired he looked. He just hadn't got his normal, twinkle, bubble and sparkle. Eamonn definitely looked haggard but he certainly did not look at death's door."

Jane, who has starred in Crossroads since the TV soap started 23 years ago, had appeared on This Is Your Life five times before – but only as a guest in other people's life stories.

She had also seen Eamonn many times at celebrity bashes.

Jane said: "I knew him quite well and, although I was totally bewildered by the occasion, I did not think he looked himself on Friday."


"I thought he had lost weight and might have had a cold or something like that. But he didn't look seriously ill."

"After he had sprung the surprise on me we sipped champagne together in the taxi taking us to the studios where the show was recorded."

"I remember looking across into his big blue eyes and thinking, 'Gosh, you are a charmer!'"

"If he was not well, then he was also a marvellous actor."

"As soon as the cameras started rolling he was the Eamonn we all know and love."

"Whatever it is that makes a TV great – he had it."


"Starring in This Is Your Life with him was the greatest moment of my professional life."

"We watched the recording together afterwards. I was thrilled with the show – but more importantly so was he."

"He said it was super television. He was delighted with the programme."

"Looking back on it I am so pleased that his last show was a fitting tribute to him and all he stood for."

"The programme had gone just as he hoped it always would – like a dream."

"He was so kind and charming to everybody."

"If he was unwell that is all the more remarkable. He spent five minutes after the show had been recorded just chatting casually to the audience."

"Then he came to the marvellous backstage party laid on for me, my friends and family and spent an hour talking to us."

"He was particularly taken by my nine-year-old son, Harry. They got on famously."


"Eamonn obviously thought Harry had been the star of the show and he arranged to have a special red This Is Your Life autograph book signed by everybody involved in the show."

It is Jane's only momento of the show at the moment. The big red book is not sent to the star until after each programme has been screened.

Eamonn's signature appears inside the front cover of the little autograph book under the inscription: "All happy days Harry (the star)."

Jane, 42, has been married to husband David for 15 years and they and 13-year-old daughter Sorrell live in a village near Lichfield, Staffs.

Jane spoke the first words in Crossroads 23 years ago and she will be in the series until it ends.

The final episode will be screened in the spring, although recording finishes at Christmas.

A date has not been fixed for the broadcasting of her This Is Your Life.

Ironically, it might never have been made.


It was scheduled for recording later this month.

But then it was suddenly moved forward to last Friday.

Jane said: "I had to pinch myself when I woke up on Saturday morning and asked myself, 'Did all that really happen to me?'"

"I was on cloud nine all day, still in a dream."

"But on Sunday I wrote a thank you letter to Eamonn and posted it the following day."

"I just had to put my thanks to him in writing."


"I only hope it reached him in time and that he knew how happy he had made me and my family."

Jane has been touched by tragedy before, with the deaths of Crossroads co-stars Roger Tonge and Noele Gordon.

But nothing could prepare her for the shock she got as she turned on her radio yesterday morning.

She said: "When I heard Eamonn was dead I just burst into tears. I couldn't believe what I was hearing."

"If my show with him had been recorded a long time ago it might have been easier to take in."

"But for him to die so suddenly, so quickly after our unforgettable show together, was more than I could bear."

Jane recalled the times she was a guest on other stars' This Is Your Life shows and said: "I will never forget the look on Noele Gordon's face when she was caught out."

"But nothing could prepare me for the surprise Eamonn gave me."

"I don't want to give the details away because that would spoil it if and when the programme is broadcast."


"A lot of time and trouble goes into planning "The Hit" and it worked a treat with me."

Husband David, also 42, said: "I have never seen Jane look so shocked as when Eamonn came face to face with her."

"It had been terrible keeping the secret but it was worth it just to see that look."

"There was a rehearsal of the programme on Friday afternoon, when Jane was still travelling down to London."

"Eamonn was incredible. He wasn't satisfied with the way people were coming on and off, so there was a second rehearsal. He was so professional it was amazing."

"I was down there with the This Is Your Life team for two days before the show and nobody gave any indication of Eamonn being unwell."

"It was just business as usual."

"There was no mention of there being anything out of the ordinary – and that made the news of his death so much more of a shock for both of us."

Secret agony over children


Eamonn Andrews had one secret heartache – his wife Grainne was unable to have children.

Shortly after they married she was struck down by a hip infection and spent eight months in hospital.

Grainne, 62, left knowing that she would never be able to have children so the devoted couple decided to adopt.

Their two daughters, Niamh, 19, and Emma, 25, and son Fergal, 23, brought Eamonn the happiness he feared he might never find.

But it saddened him that he had no grandchildren.

One close family friend said: "Eamonn loved kids and wanted desperately to have a big family. He doted on his three children but he made a point of keeping them out of the limelight."

"Eamonn was a tough businessman but he was also deeply sentimental and loved nothing more than to spend time with his kids."


"Weekends and holidays were special to him because he spent so much time working away from home."

"He didn't push them in any direction – but I don't think he particularly wanted them to get involved in showbusiness."

"However, Eamonn didn't quite succeed with Fergal who was determined to be a rock star."

"He became the lead vocalist in a band and signed a deal with a record company."

"Eamonn was quite happy for Fergal to do his own thing. But he wouldn't allow his son to shatter the peace and quiet at home – so rehearsing there was definitely out."

Only Niamh lives at the fabulous £500,000 family home in Portmarnock, outside Dublin. But it was rare for Emma and Fergal not to turn up at least once a week.

Eamonn joked about the fact his flock would arrive at the house for the weekend armed with a week's washing for their mother.

A friend says: "They were his pride and joy."

"It's just a tragedy that he will never know the grandchildren he longed for."


By SUE CARROLL, Women's Editor

Six weeks ago I sat opposite Eamonn Andrews in his office at Thames Television in Teddington.

It was the place he loved to be because even at 64, Eamonn still needed the adrenalin that This Is Your Life gave him.

He had just started on a new series but the strain of 32 years sheer hard slog on the show, and a mystery virus that had knocked him for six a few months earlier, had taken their toll.

The famous lop-sided smile had lost its sparkle, the twinkle was missing from his blue eyes and his dramatic weight loss – two stone in a year – left Eamonn a gaunt shadow of his former self.


At 6ft 2in and weighing only 12 and a half stone he explained he was nearly back to the weight he was as a young boxer – but Eamonn was putting on a brave face.

He certainly didn't look fighting fit.

Being an intensely private man, he was reluctant to talk about his health. But he did, and that was Eamonn – a real pro to the end.

He said: "Being ill came as a great shock to me. I didn't know what was wrong. It hit me suddenly."

"I felt wiped out. I had a very bad chest and felt shattered and unable to move."

A massive workload and gruelling amount of travel left Eamonn tired and weak.

He admitted to me that he was "hammering himself into the ground" and that he defied doctor's orders to take to his bed.

Interviewing Eamonn Andrews was like coming face to face with a distinguished elder statesman. He was a man with dignity and charm. I consider myself lucky to have met him.

The Sun: Eamonn Andrews article


By Frank Carson


Funnyman Frank Carson broke down in tears yesterday for the pal he called "The Hit Man".

Frank, 61 today, put on a brave face as he recalled more than 30 years of friendship and laughter with Eamonn. He said: "He was like a brother to me. My life will be a lot poorer without him."

The top Irish comic learned of his friend's death in an early morning phone call from his wife Ruth. "I sat down and cried," he said. "I just couldn't believe it."

"Obviously I knew he had been in hospital and that he had been ill. But I didn't know how ill. I feel very, very sad inside. Just once in your life, if you're very lucky, you have a friend like this man. He was very special to me."

"So I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried for him."

Frank had to hide his heartache as he rehearsed for a new Granada TV series, The Funny Side, in Manchester.


He said: "Sure, I had to go into the studio and be funny. That wasn't difficult because I knew Eamonn would have carried on like the wonderful professional he was."

"People didn't realise just how good Eamonn was. He has become a legend in showbusiness."

"I'll always treasure the memories of Eamonn's laughter – and I could reduce him to helpless laughter within minutes."


"He laughed so much when I called him The Hit Man because of all the disguises he used to trap his victims for This Is Your Life."

"Eamonn had a wonderful sense of humour. He loved my Irish gags but if you told him a blue joke he would blush and go very quiet."

"He was a very dignified man. I never told him in so many words but he knew I was very proud of him."

Frank and Eamonn met in Dublin more than 30 years ago as they watched an up-and-coming act – The Bachelors – perform at the Gaiety Theatre.

"He was a young radio commentator then and I thought I was the best young comedian in the world," recalled Frank.

"Over the years we encouraged each other as our careers progressed."

"It's very hard to go through this business without making enemies. But Eamonn certainly managed it."


Frank laughed as he recalled how three years ago Eamonn surprised him with his famous red book as they flew from Dublin to Heathrow.

"I was completely taken in," Frank admits. "I didn't have a clue that I was the victim for the show."

"The Hit Man had got his own back – and I loved it."

Paul suspected wife of affair

HI-DE-HI star Paul Shane breathed a sigh of relief when Eamonn Andrews sprang his red book surprise on him.

It ended months of misery when Paul feared his wife, Dorry, was having an affair.

The roly-poly comedian thought his marriage was on the rocks because of Dorry's odd behaviour.

In fact, she was just co-operating with the This Is Your Life team.

But her secret meetings and furtive phone calls had convinced Shane she had found another man.

Shane, 47, says: "I was shattered, convinced she was having an affair."

"I wondered how on earth she could do such a thing after 22 years of happy marriage."

"After This Is Your Life, I was so relieved that I went out and bought her a fur coat."

Dorry was so upset at all the anxiety she had caused that she broke down and cried when they got home.

She says: "Paul often caught me on the phone when I was talking to the TV people and he couldn't understand the weak excuses I kept making."

"One day he had to go off on location and a TV official was to call."

"But Paul came home unexpectedly before the man was due to arrive."

"He wanted to give me a surprise. When he saw my shocked face, he misunderstood."

"It got worse when I made an excuse to leave the house."

"I had to find a phone box and speak to the official."

"Paul demanded the truth but I couldn't say anything – which made things worse."

Days later Shane had to go to London to make a record album and Dorry would normally have gone with him.

But she says: "Because there were more TV consultations I again made some silly excuses."

"Paul was nearly in tears. He said we had always done things together and never had any secrets."

"It was a wonderful relief when he understood what had been going on."

The Sun: Eamonn Andrews article

The Sun, 7 November 1987

Viewers say keep This Is Your Life


Fans of This Is Your Life want it to STAY on the air following the death of popular host Eamonn Andrews.

A nationwide Sun poll yesterday showed viewers are split on whether the long-running TV series should continue.

But a narrow majority were in favour of keeping it going.

By early evening yesterday, our telephone poll had received 3531 YES votes against 3327 voting NO – a majority of 204.

Much-loved veteran broadcaster Andrews presented This Is Your Life for more than 30 years. He died in London on Thursday, aged 64.

Telly superstar Terry Wogan is being tipped to take over the show if Thames TV chiefs decide to keep it.

The funeral of Andrews is to be held on Tuesday at a church near his home on the outskirts of Dublin.

His body is being flown to Ireland this weekend and only close family and friends will be at the graveside.

His widow Grainne and their three adopted children will accompany the coffin.

The Sun: Eamonn Andrews article