Series 27: 1986-87
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Series 27 subjects...
Bill WADDINGTON Actor and comedian 15 October 1986
Robert FOOTE Former British Army officer 22 October 1986
Carl DAVIS Conductor and composer 29 October 1986
Gorden KAYE Actor 5 November 1986
Teddy JOHNSON and Husband and wife entertainers 12 November 1986
Pearl CARR
Monty FRESCO Photographer 19 November 1986
Joe JOHNSON Snooker player 26 November 1986
Susan GEORGE Actress 3 December 1986
Bill WARD Television producer and executive 10 December 1986
Rachel KEMPSON Actress 17 December 1986
Gary WILMOT Impressionist, singer and comedian 24 December 1986
Cliff MICHELMORE and Husband and wife broadcasters 31 December 1986
Liz HOBBS Water skier 7 January 1987
Jack BERG Former boxer 14 January 1987
Derek SCOTT Lifeboatman 21 January 1987
Patricia HODGE Actress 28 January 1987
Harry FRIEND Police constable 4 February 1987
Norman WISDOM Comedian and actor 11 February 1987
Denis COMPTON Former cricketer 18 February 1987
Christopher CAZENOVE Actor 25 February 1987
Dudley MOORE Actor, comedian, composer and musician 4 March 1987
Dudley MOORE 11 March 1987
Terry MARSH Boxer 18 March 1987
David JACOBS Broadcaster 25 March 1987
William RUSHTON Actor, cartoonist, comedian and satirist 1 April 1987
Gabrielle DRAKE Actress 8 April 1987

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for ITV
26 editions | 25 x 30 minutes | 1 x 60 minutes
Wednesday | 7.00pm x 25 | 8.00pm x 1

Production team

Producer: Malcolm Morris | Associate Producer: Brian Klein | Programme Consultant: Roy Bottomley
Directors: Terry Yarwood, Michael D Kent | Writers: Roy Bottomley, Norman Giller, Tom Kennedy
Researchers: Colin Williams, Miriam O'Callaghan, Caroline Blackadder, David N Mason, Tom Wettengel
Claire Jenkinson, Sue Green, Christine Fanthome | Production Assistants: Irene Clark, Ellie Gleave
Designers: David Richens, Jane Krall, Jack McAdam | Film Research: Susan Tiplady