Series 26: 1985-86
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Series 26 subjects...
William ROACHE Actor 16 October 1985
Dennis TAYLOR Snooker player 23 October 1985
Elisabeth WELCH Singer, actress and entertainer 6 November 1985
Sheila MERCIER Actress 13 November 1985
Richard BRANSON Businessman 20 November 1985
Maurice DENHAM Actor 27 November 1985
David ELLAWAY Ambulanceman and Red Cross worker 4 December 1985
Terry O'NEILL Photographer 11 December 1985
Gerry MARSDEN Singer and musician 18 December 1985
Joyce CAREY Actress 26 December 1985
CHAS n DAVE Pop rock duo 31 December 1985
Oliver REED Actor 8 January 1986
Felix BOWNESS Comedian and actor 15 January 1986
John HARRIS Paralympian athlete 22 January 1986
Bonnie LANGFORD Actress, singer and dancer 29 January 1986
Henry COTTON Former golfer 5 February 1986
June MCELNEA Nursing sister 12 February 1986
Derek JAMESON Journalist and broadcaster 19 February 1986
Richard VERNON Actor 26 February 1986
Martyn LEWIS Journalist and newsreader 12 March 1986
Peter SHILTON Football goalkeeper 19 March 1986
Ted ROGERS Comedian and television presenter 26 March 1986
Simon WILLIAMS Actor 2 April 1986
Larry SLATER Royal Navy Aircrewman 9 April 1986
Lena KENNEDY Novelist 16 April 1986
Denis QUILLEY Actor and singer 30 April 1986

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for ITV
26 editions | 25 x 30 minutes | 1 x 45 minutes
Wednesday | 7.00pm x 24
Tuesday | 7.00pm x 1
Thursday | 6.30pm x 1
No edition broadcast on 30 October 1985 due to Thames Television's Telethon '85

Production team

Created by: Ralph Edwards - Ralph Edwards Productions
Producer: Malcolm Morris | Associate Producer: Brian Klein | Directors: Terry Yarwood, Michael D Kent
Writers: Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley, Norman Giller | Programme Consultant: Roy Bottomley
Researchers: Caroline Blackadder, Angela Mason, David N Mason, Miriam O'Callaghan, Colin Williams
Tom Wettengel, Claire Jenkinson, Angela Clark, Sue Green
Production Assistants: Irene Clark, Caroline Anne Brown | Designer: David Richens | Film Research: Susan Tiplady
Studio Supervisors: Gil Driver, Bill Sutton, Peter Sampson, Gordon Quinn, Tony Taylor, Del Randall
Nigel Spong, Chris Emmins, Dick Hibberd
Lighting Directors: Stuart Wilson, Grant Feltham, Peter Hardman, John O'Brien, Nino La Femina, Alan Harradine
Bill Minto, Ray Nicholson, Bob Newman, Stuart Gain, Luigi Bottoni
Senior Cameramen: Mick Donnelly, Peter Shaw, Peter Hodgson, Dave Ramsay, John Rivers, Roy Easton
Peter Howard, Albert Almond, Adrian J Fearnley, Chris Dingley
Sound Supervisors: Tony Unsworth, Ron Ferris, Clive Sweet, Ron Parker, Richard Bradford, Peter Stoddart
Tom McIntyre, Phil White, Brian Hibbert
Vision Control: Eric Donbavand, Ian Jones, Jim Fergus-Smith, Graham Baines, Bill Marley, David Harvey
Vision Mixers: Anne Birtwell, Peter Turl, Kathleen Hinchliffe, Chris Foley, Janice Reed, John Cooper, Kenneth Angus
Peter Boffin, Martin Perrett, Peter Phillips
Make-up Supervisors: Jane Hatch, Jeannie MacKenzie, Carole Bernard, Di Lofthouse, Mimi Kimmins
Leslie Sanders, Rosemary Harrison, Pauline Gyertson
Wardrobe Supervisors: Doreen Whiteoak, Sandra Jeffery, Martin Baugh, Dennis Hogan, Fran Bolwell, Pam Doolan
Floor Managers: Mick Graham, David London, Russell Norman, Simon Somers, Bill Allan, Maurice Langston
Tony Tyrer, Peter Beaven, Aidan Boulter
Production Team: Sue Davies, Helen Doble, Roy Fewins, Angela Kennedy, Liz Ross, Alan Tingay, Alan Ritchie
Richard Halladey, David Cumming, Mark Dobson, Grant Goodwin