Series 18: 1977-78
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Series 18 subjects...
Richard BECKINSALE Actor 23 November 1977
Peter USTINOV Actor, writer, director and broadcaster 30 November 1977
Virginia WADE Tennis player 7 December 1977
Robert ARNOTT Captain of the QE2 14 December 1977
Lin BERWICK Disabled counsellor 21 December 1977
Bob PAISLEY Football manager 28 December 1977
The BACHELORS Irish music group 4 January 1978
David BROOME Show jumping champion 11 January 1978
Arthur ENGLISH Actor and comedian 18 January 1978
Barry SHEENE Motorcycle racer 25 January 1978
Margot TURNER Military nurse and nursing administrator 1 February 1978
Pat COOMBS Actress 8 February 1978
Michael CROFT Founder of the National Youth Theatre 15 February 1978
Max BOYCE Comedian, singer and entertainer 22 February 1978
Nicholas PARSONS Television and radio presenter and actor 1 March 1978
Richard GOOLDEN Actor 8 March 1978
Ian HENDRY Actor 15 March 1978
Marti CAINE Comedienne and entertainer 22 March 1978
Ian WALLACE Opera singer, actor and broadcaster 29 March 1978
Dennis WATERMAN Actor 5 April 1978
Anton DOLIN Ballet dancer and choreographer 12 April 1978
Terry WOGAN Radio and television broadcaster 19 April 1978
William FRANKLYN Comedy actor 26 April 1978
Richard MURDOCH Comedy actor 3 May 1978
Harry PATTERSON Author 17 May 1978
Jule STYNE Songwriter and composer 24 May 1978
Mike YARWOOD Impressionist and comedian 31 May 1978

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for ITV
27 editions | 27 x 30 minutes
Wednesday | 7.00pm x 26 | 8.30pm x 1

Production team

Producer: Jack Crawshaw | Directors: Royston Mayoh, Terry Yarwood, Peter Webb, Robert Reed
Writers: Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley, John Sandilands | Programme Consultants: Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley
Researchers: Maurice Leonard, Marilyn Gaunt, Lavinia Warner, Debbie Gaunt, Tony Lee, John Viner, Michael Ford
Programme Associate: Kay Bird | Production Assistants: Kate McNamara, Angie Piper, Penny Welsford
Designers: Graham Guest, Jim Nicholson, Richard Jarvis, Ronnie Baldwin