Series 43: 2003
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Series 43 subjects...
David DICKINSON Antiques expert and television presenter 2 January 2003
Mo MOWLAM Former politician 9 January 2003
Gillian TAYLFORTH Actress 16 January 2003
Mike RUTHERFORD Singer, guitarist and songwriter 23 January 2003
John MCARDLE Actor 30 January 2003
Elmer BERNSTEIN Film composer 6 February 2003
Charles COLLINGWOOD Actor 13 February 2003
Jonathan DAVIES Rugby player 20 February 2003
Elizabeth PESCOPS Retired headteacher 27 February 2003
George BEST Former footballer 6 March 2003
Lisa MAXWELL Actress and television presenter 10 April 2003
Roger COOK Investigative journalist and broadcaster 17 April 2003
Bob MONKHOUSE Comedian and entertainer 23 April 2003
Nicholas WINTON Humanitarian 1 May 2003
Anthony ANDREWS Actor 8 May 2003
Alex NORTON Actor 15 May 2003
John BARDON Actor 5 June 2003
Simon COWELL Music executive and television personality 12 June 2003
Alec STEWART Cricketer 19 June 2003
Vic ARMSTRONG Film director and stunt coordinator 26 June 2003
Chris BONINGTON Mountaineer 3 July 2003
John MIDDLETON Actor 17 July 2003
Bob HARRIS Broadcaster 24 July 2003
Gyles BRANDRETH Broadcaster, writer and entertainer 1 August 2003
Aled JONES Singer and television and radio presenter 8 August 2003
Simon Cowell's big red book

Simon COWELL - Music executive and entrepreneur - 2 June 2007

This Is Your Life returns in June 2007 for one night only. Ironically the subject, surprised by Trevor McDonald - himself a former subject, was previously surprised by Michael Aspel on his last recorded edition.

This one-off production is co-produced by ITV Productions, STV Productions, TIYL Productions, Click TV and Ralph Edwards Productions.

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for BBC
25 editions | 24 x 30 minutes | 1 x 60 minutes
Wednesday | 8.00pm x 1
Thursday | 7.00pm x 22
Friday | 7.00pm x 2
No editions broadcast on 13 March 2003 and 20 March 2003 due to a UEFA Cup football match
No edition scheduled for 27 March 2003
The advertised 3 April 2003 edition was rescheduled
No editions broadcast on 22 May 2003 and 29 May 2003 due to Bargain Hunt Live
No edition scheduled for 10 July 2003

Production team

In association with Ralph Edwards Productions And TIYL Productions
Producer: Sue Green | Series Producer: Jack Crawshaw
Series Consultant: John Longley | Associate Producer: Helen Gordon-Smith
Director: John Gorman | Location Directors: Steve Docherty, Peter Wisdom, Paul Kirrage
Writers: Ian Brown, Joe Steeples
Researchers: Kate Greer, Deborah Cowan, Ruth Malone, Carrie Rose, Jo Grant, Ian Skelton, Alex Renton
Programme Associates: Ian Brown, Joe Steeples | Production Assistants: Irene Maxwell-Clark, Liz Fleming
Production Manager: Dawn Gray | Programme Co-ordinators: Deborah Armstrong, Leilah Mason
Music Composed by: Laurie Johnson | Production Designer: Simon Jago | Archive Research: Helen Bennitt, Cassie Bennitt
Studio Managers/Facilities Managers: Paul Thackray, Sarah Lavender, Aidan Boulter, Tony Heasman, John Gammidge, Steve Senior
Floor Managers: Simon Wallace, Val Lawson, Steve Pierson, Iola Protheroe, Annette McCreadie
Lighting Directors: John Pomphrey, John Watt, Stan Robinson
Sound Supervisors: Richard Bradford, Dave Thompson, Paul Chaventre, John Downes, Paul Gartrell, Howard Nook, Hugh Davison,
Nick Roast, Laurie Taylor, Peter Willcocks, Jim Renwick, Jack Krawczyk
Senior Cameraman: Chas Watts, Roy Easton, Mike Paterson, Adam Gordon, Ian Turner, Bo Baraniak
Vision Mixers: Carole Chessun, Ian Blease, Jenny Bozson, Richard Scollard, Glynis Bennett
Dubbing Mixer: Adrian Smith | Videotape Editors: Steve Murray, Mark Sangster
Client Liaison Manager: Colin Marsden
Production Team: Cassie Bennitt, Judi Grant, Nina Martuccio, Roger Read, Steve Parker, Carrie Rose, Deborah Cowan, Stephen Parker