Series 6: 1960-61
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Series 6 subjects...
Leonard CHESHIRE Charity founder and former RAF pilot 19 September 1960
George BENNETT Charity worker and former soldier 26 September 1960
David SHEPPARD Clergyman and former cricketer 3 October 1960
Sybil THORNDIKE Actress 10 October 1960
Clarence WOLFE Anglican priest 17 October 1960
Charles COWARD Former soldier 24 October 1960
T E B CLARKE Screenwriter 31 October 1960
Helene JEANTY-RAVEN Former resistance worker 7 November 1960
Cyril SMITH Concert pianist and teacher 14 November 1960
Victor DE SPIGANOVICZ Writer and humanitarian 21 November 1960
Bill HARTLEY Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Officer 28 November 1960
Ellen Martha FIELD Humanitarian 5 December 1960
Anthony DEANE-DRUMMOND British Army Officer 12 December 1960
John MILLS Actor 19 December 1960
Richard BANCROFT Retired postman 26 December 1960
Freddie MILLS Former boxer 2 January 1961
William SIMPSON Former Royal Air Force bomber pilot 9 January 1961
Alan HERBERT Novelist, playwright, poet and law reform activist 16 January 1961
Madame VACANI Dance teacher 23 January 1961
Elizabeth AMBRIDGE Charity founder 30 January 1961
Robert FAWCUS Retired doctor 6 February 1961
Flora ROBSON Actress 13 February 1961
Edward Chad VARAH Anglican priest and social activist 20 February 1961
James ZARB Businessman 27 February 1961
Maryan RAWICZ and Pianist 6 March 1961
Walter LANDAUER Pianist 6 March 1961
James CHIPPERFIELD Circus owner and animal trainer 13 March 1961
Anthony KIMMINS Playwright and film director 20 March 1961
Thomas Cosmo JONES Former seaman 27 March 1961
Jessie MATTHEWS Actress, dancer and singer 3 April 1961
Helen WILSON Nurse and missionary 10 April 1961
Charlie CHESTER Comedian 17 April 1961
Brunel COHEN Campaigner and former politician 24 April 1961
Godfrey WINN Journalist, author and broadcaster 1 May 1961
Billy WRIGHT Former footballer 8 May 1961

Broadcast details

BBC Television Service (editions 1-3) | BBC tv (editions 4-34)
34 editions | 34 x 30 minutes
Monday | 7.30pm x 32 | 6.55pm x 1 | 7.35pm x 1

Production team

Devised by: Ralph Edwards
Producer: T Leslie Jackson | Director: Michael Goodwin
Writers: John Sandilands, Liam Nolan, Nickola Sterne, Peter Moore, Robert Stuart, Ronald Vivian, Shirley Macnab, T Leslie Jackson
Researchers: John Sandilands, Liam Nolan, Nickola Sterne, Ronald Vivian, Shirley Macnab, T Leslie Jackson, Virginia Ropner
Music: James Turner