Thomas Cosmo JONES (1908-?)

This Is Your Life Big Red Book

programme details...

  • Edition No: 157
  • Subject No: 158
  • Broadcast live: Mon 27 Mar 1961
  • Broadcast time: 7.30-8.00pm
  • Venue: BBC Television Theatre
  • Series: 6
  • Edition: 28

on the guest list...

  • Iori Jenkins
  • Rev Armin Hoesch
  • W E Roberts
  • Capt A G Brooks
  • Capt Perry Evans
  • Phyllis - wife
  • Dr A W O Williams
  • Saibu 'Tiger' Kadiri
  • Filmed tribute:
  • H C Friijlink

production team...

  • Researcher: Liam Nolan
  • Writer: Liam Nolan
  • Director: Michael Goodwin
  • Producer: T Leslie Jackson
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This Is Your Life Big Red Book

Thomas Cosmo-Jones This Is Your Life article

Unknown publication 31 March 1961


New Quay man on TV

A native of New Quay was the central character in BBC's popular programme, This Is Your Life which was transmitted on Monday night. He was Capt. Thomas William Cosmo Jones, Brodawel.

The programme gave an interesting account of the highlights in the career of Capt. Jones with particular reference to the days when he was buoyage and transport officer on the Niger and Benue Rivers for the Nigerian Government (1946-1958).

Three local people contributed to this picture of Capt. Cosmo Jones as seaman extraordinary, humanitarian and king of the Rivers.

Mr Iorry Jenkins, now with the Phoenix Assurance at Carmarthen spoke of the time when Capt Jones saved his life, when as youngsters in 1924 they were bathing near the "Alpha," a fishery patrol boat, which was moored out from the quay wall. Mr Jenkins got trapped under water and was jammed against the hull and it was the prompt action of Cosmo which saved his life.

Mr W E Roberts, who was the English master at Aberaeron County School, and is now the deputy headmaster of the Lampeter Secondary School, spoke of Capt. Jones' days at school and referred particularly to his desire to go to sea. Even at that early age, said Mr Roberts, Captain Cosmo Jones showed signs of leadership.

Capt. E J Perry Evans, district officer for the Fishery Board, for the Cumbrian Coast, now residing at Polruan, Park-street, and a life-long friend, described vividly how in 1946 Capt. Jones was one of the crew of the New Quay lifeboat that went to the assistance of a submarine called "Universal" which had broken tow and was drifting helplessly in the bay. On the return journey of the lifeboat, said Capt. Evans, it was Cosmo who did a great deal towards keeping up the spirits of the crew.

From U.S.A.

Among others who appeared on the programme was the Rev. Armin Hoesch, who had flown over from Naperville, Illinois, USA, to pay tribute to Capt. Jones as one of the best practical Christians he had ever met. Capt. A G Brooks, in charge of the Wangaratta's cadets, said that Capt. Jones was a shyish fellow who was able to sail a boat exceptionally well – "but of course," added Capt. Brooks, "the kids learn to sail a boat at New Quay before they learn to walk."

Dr A O Williams, a native of Nigeria, but now at Edinburgh, spoke of the way that Capt. Jones helped the people of Nigeria and by his prompt action saved many lives. "His desire was to see others healthy and happy and he knew no social boundary," concluded Dr Williams.

A tribute on film was given by a Dutchman, Mr H C Friijlink to Capt. Cosmo Jones as the liaison officer, as the captain of large vessels on the Niger and Benue, as a teacher and as Cosmo the Doctor.

Of great interest too was the description given by Mrs Phyllis Jones, his wife, of the days she spent with her husband in Nigeria and hardly any social life. References were made to Capt. Jones' generosity towards the poor and the needy, and his thoughtfulness and care for all around him.

'Tiger' tells

The programme reached its climax when Capt. Jones' cook servant Saibu Kadiri, known affectionately as "Tiger" and flown in especially from Nigeria, said that Capt Jones was the best master he had ever had – more like a father than a master, in fact.

A feature of the programme was the beautiful shots of New Quay particularly at the beginning.

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