Series 38: 1997-98
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Series 38 subjects...
Jeremy GUSCOTT Rugby union player and television presenter 1 September 1997
Magnus MAGNUSSON Journalist and television presenter 8 September 1997
Maureen REES Cleaner 15 September 1997
Russ ABBOT Comedian and actor 22 September 1997
Sally GUNNELL Athlete 29 September 1997
Graham COLE Actor 6 October 1997
James HATFIELD Sailor and charity fundraiser 13 October 1997
Carol VORDERMAN Television presenter 20 October 1997
Trevor BAYLIS Inventor 27 October 1997
Bryan MOSLEY Actor 3 November 1997
Murray WALKER Sports commentator 10 November 1997
Cheryl BAKER Singer and television presenter 17 November 1997
Errol BROWN Singer and songwriter 24 November 1997
Peter SNOW Television and radio presenter 1 December 1997
Nadim SAWALHA Actor 8 December 1997
Clive HORNBY Actor 15 December 1997
Trevor BANNISTER Actor 22 December 1997
Mary WARD Teacher and theatre director 29 December 1997
Brian MURPHY Actor 5 January 1998
Robert WINSTON Doctor, scientist and television presenter 12 January 1998
Duncan GOODHEW Former competitive swimmer 19 January 1998
Julia WATSON Actress 26 January 1998
Anne ROBINSON Television presenter and journalist 2 February 1998
Bill GILES Meteorologist and television presenter 9 February 1998
Tim HEALY Actor 16 February 1998
Raymond BAXTER Broadcaster 23 February 1998

Broadcast details

Thames Television production for BBC
26 editions | 26 x 30 minutes
Monday | 7.00pm

Production team

In association with Ralph Edwards Productions And TIYL Productions
Producer: Sue Green | Executive Producer: John Longley | Associate Producer: Liz Rawlings | Series Producer: Jack Crawshaw
Directors: John Gorman, Paul Kirrage, Peter Wisdom, Steve Docherty | Writers: Ian Brown, Alec Lom, Joe Steeples, Tony Bilbow
Researchers: Ruth Malone, Avril Norton, Jo Grant, Clare Thompson, Jean Davison, Sally Millson, Helen Gordon-Smith
Programme Associates: Ian Brown, Joe Steeples | Production Manager: Dawn Gray | Programme Co-ordinator: Fiona Hurd
Production Assistants: Irene Maxwell-Clark, Jo Corsan, Liz Fleming, Ellie Gleave, Caroline Vance, Maria Finnis
Music Composed by: Laurie Johnson | Music Arranged by: Colin Keyes
Designer: Martin Collins | Costume: Derek Hayward | Film Research: Helen Bennitt
Facility Managers: Ian Osborne, Paul Thackray, Nigel Spong, Mike Ayres, Chris Cooper, Tony Smith, Andrew Garnet, Cherry Allen
Brian Abrams, Rachel Joseph, Bill Morris
Lighting Directors: John Pomphrey, John Watt | Senior Cameraman: Chas Watts, Ray Gearing, Peter Howell, Roy Easton
Sound Supervisors: Dave Taylor, Mike McCarthy, Richard Bradford, Rob Ashard, Robert Edwards, Paul Gartrell, Peter Ball, Francis Cooke, Dave Thompson, Jack Krawczyk, Mark McLoughlan, Peter Willcocks
Vision Mixers: Ian Blease, Carole Chessun, Barbara Hicks, Jeremy/Jez Nicholson, Brenda Wilson
Videotape Editors: Steve Murray, Paul Richmond, Perry Widdowson, Allan Ford, Graham Hutchings, Mark Sangster
Production Team: Sara-Jane Hindin, Francesca Newby, Roger Read, Doug Ingram