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TV Times: This Is Your Life viewer's letter

TV Times 14 December 1974

Now that This Is Your Life has returned I hope we are not in for another long series about show-business stars and sportsmen.

These people already get good publicity in gossip columns, magazines, clothing catalogues and advertisements.

Years ago This Is Your Life was talked about everywhere as being the best representation of life in the ordinary family. I am sure the nature of such a programme would be far more popular than all this show-business publicity.

Mrs A Ford, Surrey

Obviously we can't give names away, Mrs Ford, but you will find a pretty good cross-section of people getting the surprise of their life in the programme.

TV Times: This Is Your Life viewer's letter

TV Times 20 December 1975

Eamonn Andrews is off on his merry-go-round once more in This Is Your Life – and, it seems, with the same formula.

Buck up, Eamonn, and let us see some of the real unsung heroes, the men and women who have really contributed something worthwhile, and let the stars get on with the job of entertaining.

Marion C Bonnett, Sheffield, Yorkshire

TV Times: This Is Your Life viewer's letter

TV Times 7 November 1976

Miss-ing Lifers

I'm sick to the teeth with the obvious male chauvinism that prevails among the This Is Your Life team. Surely it would be fair to spotlight a woman every alternate week?

F Avis, Windsor, Berkshire.

Producer Jack Crawshaw, tight-lipped as ever, tells me he cannot reveal anything about future "Lifers" but he says Eamonn certainly isn't biased at all and does promise this won't be an all-male series. I should think not! I could name dozens of women who merit a Life. One singer-comedienne in particular has a lot to tell – if This Is Your Life dare tell it.

TV Times: This Is Your Life viewer's letter

TV Times 15 March 1980

Finding an audience

How do the audience for This Is Your Life get to be there? And do they know who the subject is beforehand?

Mrs Kathleen Squires, Sleaford, Lincs.

Apart from a small team, nobody knows who is to be the subject of This Is Your Life. But if you'd like to join the audience, write to: The Ticket Office, Thames Television, 306 Euston Road, London, NW1.

TV Times: This Is Your Life viewer's letter

TV Times 30 November 1980

Life assurance

While welcoming the return of This Is Your Life, I suggest it is a pity that what was once a fascinating programme has now become largely a mutual admiration society for personalities of the sporting and entertainment world.

F S Dadswell, Norwich, Norfolk