This is their life
TV Times
24 October 1981
TV Times: This Is Your Life article

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TV Times: This Is Your Life article

Eamonn Andrews and the people responsible for the ever-popular This Is Your Life series had the tables turned on them recently, when the entire production team gathered for this photograph. And there wasn't an unwilling team member present as, for one brief moment, the cameras were trained on them. Everyone was there, from those on 'secret service' – the ones who plot the surprises – right down to tea ladies, who keep them all supplied with refreshment at what are often round-the-clock planning conferences. For the very first time the team was brought together by photographer Ron McFarlane, to celebrate the launch of the new TV Times Magazine.

Front row left to right: Maurice Leonard (programme associate); Terry Yarwood, Paul Stewart Laing (directors); Philip Jones (director light entertainment); Eamonn Andrews (presenter); Jack Crawshaw (producer); Roy Bottomley, Tom Brennand (writers); Claire Jenkinson (production assistant).

Second row left to right: Carole Bernard (make-up); Cathy Parnall, Fran Laycock, Angela Kennedy (secretaries); Judy Webbe (production organiser); Vivien Lind, Diane Finch (script secretary); Bob Louis (manager light entertainment); Katie Lander; Roy Fewins (stage manager); Phil Grace (promotions); Irene Clarke (production assistant).

Third row left to right: Peter Mason (VTR supervisor); Richard Armitage (props); Jim Newton (scenes); John Hills (scenes); Alex Bazylewicz (props); Tony Morley (sound supervisor); Ian Jones, Tony Ball (vision control supervisors); Archie Crawford (engineer, Outside Broadcasts); Ken Angus (vision mixer); Tom McIntyre (sound director); Derek Meakins (admin); Andy Watmore (film).

Fourth row left to right: Douglas Burrows (scenes); Nick Jaygo (engineering); Des Cope (engineering); Rob Ellis (OB's); Des Hymers (cameras); Peter Howard (OB's); Gerry Witney (cameras); Mike Adams (cameras); Melanie Scholfield (press office); Tina Halvorsen (photographic); Hilary Greaves (catering); Rita Delo (photocopying); Derek Haslett (security).

Fifth row left to right: Mary Thompson (admin); Denise Riley (publicity); Sheerlagh O'Donovan; Ken Ellis (rigger); John Ridge (rigger); George Rudge (rigger supervisor); Bob Foster (rigger supervisor); Liz Woodhart (nurse); Bill Fenton; Bernard Burke (sound); Bill Allan (floor manager); Jack Frogell (graphics); Simon Honywill (sound); Lin Burnett (production researcher).

Sixth row left to right: Stan Clarke (film); Tom Otter (film sound); Dave Branch (painter); Danny Clayton (stage); Peter Stoddart (sound); Nic Pratt (sound); James Blundy (despatch); Bob Cleary (film); Frances Harste (viewer correspondence); Sylvia Grace (billings); Tom Wettengel; Ken Dodds (floor manager); Kim Burke (trainee); Walter Chitoriski; Bill Lacey.

Seventh row left to right: Brian Jackson (rigger); Alan McMillan (OB lighting); Dennis Fordham (lighting); Ann Boorman (film manager); Peter Eason (film sound dept); Peter Bould (film sound dept); Peter Sampson (engineering manager); Ken Crank (lighting director); Peter Joyce (designer); Anna Purcell (catering); John Graham, Brian Klein, Phil Richards (lighting); Syd Milson (lighting); Reg Turner (lighting).

Eighth row left to right: Bill Povah (scaffolding); Bill Beenhan (chargehand); Dave Smith (scaffolding); Vic McMorran (electrician); Sandy Jeffrey (wardrobe); Bill Sutton (engineering manager); George Mabbs, Wally Smith (construction); Bernie Ahern, Sheila Owens (catering); Ron Burgess (OB's); Paula Eatough, Shelagh Pymm (press office); Jack Breckon (photographic). The man at the back is electrician Jon Daly.

In the bottom right corner, telephonists Cathy Hall, Margaret Nevill, Annette Diamond and Michele Nelson.