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Radio Times
4 May 1958
Radio Times: This Is Your Life article
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A great many people have written to us in the past suggesting that This Is Your Life should one day turn the tables on Eamonn Andrews and present his life for the benefit of his millions of admirers. For the record, and for those who did not see the programme, the very first edition in July 1955 did just that, and although Eamonn was taken aback at the time, he has never since regretted it, for it has enabled him to appreciate fully the feelings of the many subjects he has introduced during the long and successful run.

This Monday sees the last in the present series, but Eamonn will, of course, still be seen and heard in a number of programmes in the coming weeks. Apart from What's My Line?, and his various sporting commitments, he has recently been winning himself a new band of followers for his Saturday-night series Toast of the Town in the Home Service in which he salutes the stars and personalities of the entertainment world.

This Saturday his toast-list bears the names of Vic Oliver, Rawicz and Landauer, Diana Wynyard and Michael Gwynn, Dorothy Reynolds, Julian Slade and the cast of Free as Air, Terry Scott, David Hughes coupled with the name of Irving Berlin, and that vigorous and sparkling singer, Eve Boswell.

Although Eamonn is shortly going to America for a while, he has pre-recorded a number of editions of Toast of the Town, which will run until the end of June.