This Is Your Life
Radio Times
28 September 1961
Radio Times: This Is Your Life article
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Producing Life

the producers who steered the programme's success

Max Bygraves

The most talked-about half-hour on television will be back tonight when Eamonn Andrews, book in hand, starts to turn the pages for the 164th edition of This Is Your Life.

The new series promises to pack in all the elements of surprise, excitement, and heart-warming drama that have made the programme – now in its sixth year – a top favourite with more than 12-million viewers each week. Soldiers, statesmen, sporting stars, clerks, housewives, heroes sung and unsung – these are the sort of people who have taken their place in this unofficial honours list.

Today, as never before, stories of courage, sacrifice, selfless service, and love have a stirring, enduring appeal.

Says producer T Leslie Jackson: 'We set out to find lives with an interesting story to unfold. I believe part of the programme's fascination is its showing of how ordinary men and women have played a part in those lives.'