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Thora Hird
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Thora Hird

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THIS IS YOUR LIFE - Thora Hird, actress, was surprised by Michael Aspel in Holmfirth, Yorkshire, while filming on location for the BBC television comedy series, Last of the Summer Wine.

In a career that spanned eight decades, Thora is widely-regarded as one of Britain's finest character actresses. She appeared in over 100 films as well as starring in a succession of television comedies throughout the 70s and 80s such as Hallelujah! and In Loving Memory.

Thora won the BAFTA Best Actress awards for her roles in two of Alan Bennett's Talking Heads monologues as well as for her role in the television drama Lost For Words.

Thora was previously honoured by This Is Your Life in 1964.

“No! Is it really? Well what are we doing? Are we going to London, or something?”

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Thora Hird's autobiography

Thora recalls This Is Your Life in her book - written with Morris Bright - Our Thora...

... over thirty years later, I’m up in Holmfirth on location with Last of the Summer Wine, standing outside the house that doubles for my cottage in the show, filming a piece with my screen husband Gordon Wharmby and a few others, including Peter Sallis who plays Clegg. Suddenly Michael Aspel appears and I think, I wonder who he could be here for. It can’t be me, they’ve done me already. But I was wrong again. Out came the magic words: ‘Tonight, Thora Hird, this is your life!’ Well, I say ‘out came the magic words’ but truthfully they didn’t come out quite right and Michael appeared to say ‘Dora Hird, this is your life!’ So to be sure, they filmed that bit again. But it was still all a great surprise.

I’ve since discovered that several people have had more than one red book tribute over the years. I know Norman Wisdom has had two and I think dear Harry Secombe had three [bigredbook.info editor: Harry just had the two tributes!]. But apparently they like to leave at least ten years between doing someone again. So if I make it to 100, I’ll keep a look out over my shoulder every time I’m out in my bath chair!

The actor Peter Sallis recalls the incident in the same book:

I remember we were all outside the cottage that doubles for Edie’s home one day when suddenly Michael Aspel turned up and before we knew it he had thrust his red book in front of her announcing: ‘Thora Hird, this is your life!’ At least that’s what he meant to say. It actually sounded like ‘Dora Hird’, and he had to record his entrance again. It was still a great surprise to us all and as they whisked her away, I remember shouting out: ‘Take me with you!’ They cut that bit out!

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