The Big Red Book - a celebration of This Is Your Life...
Big Red Book

... a simple premise for a television show. A surprise encounter and an unexpected reunion. The host reveals the life story of the unsuspecting ‘subject’ with the help of a Big Red Book and a gathering of family and friends.

That formula became one of the most popular programmes on British television ever, running almost 50 years, producing over 1000 editions, and, in the process, becoming a British institution.

At the peak of its popularity, in the 1970s and 80s, millions of television viewers regularly tuned in every Wednesday at 7pm with excited anticipation of whose name would be embossed on that week’s Big Red Book...

This website is a celebration of the show and the lives it honoured. Open the Big Red Book to reveal a record of every UK edition from 1955-2003 and learn about the series, the subjects and the sets as we turn back the pages of one of the best loved television treasures of all time.

So, as the man said ... “if you look at that screen over there...”

Jack Crawshaw - former researcher, writer, and producer of This Is Your Life:

"Big Red Book is a living archive - a unique and illuminating document, which combines a mass of historical data with a fund of fond memories of our much loved programme.

A well researched, and conscientiously collated, This Is Your Life, This Is Your Life."

New additions...                
Jenny Seagrove   John Harris   Frankie Vaughan   Max Boyce   Honor Blackman
Jenny Seagrove
The stage and screen actress recalls her This Is Your Life appearance from 2003 in an exclusive interview
  John Harris
In a another exclusive interview the Welsh Paralympian recalls his 1986 tribute
  Frankie Vaughan
The singer and entertainer - honoured with two Big Red Books - in 1970 and 1994
  Max Boyce
The Welsh comedian, singer and entertainer surprised for a 1978 broadcast
  Honor Blackman
Actress – and another second timer with two Big Red Books - featured in 1969 and 1993
Des O’Connor   Richard Evans   Bobby Charlton   Wendy Craig   Arthur Dooley
Des O’Connor
Series 10: The popular entertainer was Thames Television’s first subject – broadcast in colour – when This Is Your Life returns after a five year absence
  Richard Evans
Series 10: The recently retired Anglesey coxswain dubbed ‘a hero of the sea’
  Bobby Charlton
Series 10: Manchester United midfielder recently named Player and European Footballer of the Year
  Wendy Craig
Series 10: The actress - best known for her television comedy series, such as …And Mother Makes Three
  Arthur Dooley
Series 10: Liverpool born artist and sculptor famous for his religious works
Recent additions...                
Alan Rudkin   Zsa Zsa Gabor   Ronnie Dukes   Alan Freeman   Leslie Crowther
Alan Rudkin
The boxer's family recall his 1972 This Is Your Life appearance in an exclusive interview
  Zsa Zsa Gabor
A 1994 edition featuring the glamorous Hollywood actress and socialite
  Ronnie Dukes
A tribute to the cabaret entertainer - surprised in 1975
  Alan Freeman
The Australian born disc jockey celebrated in a 1987 programme
  Leslie Crowther
The entertainer - who was honoured with two Big Red Books - in 1973 and 1994
Matthew Lethbridge   Cathleen Nesbitt   Eddie Jordan   Desmond Llewelyn   Don Revie
Matthew Lethbridge
Broadcast in 1984 - a tribute to a courageous and award winning lifeboatman
  Cathleen Nesbitt
The actress - whose career spans seven decades - surprised in 1980
  Eddie Jordan
Irish businessman and founder of Eddie Jordan Grand Prix celebrated in 2000
  Desmond Llewelyn
A 1995 edition pays tribute to the character actor - Q in the James Bond films
  Don Revie
The Leeds United manager surprised at the city's Queens Hotel for a 1974 broadcast
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Series 10
The full line up of subjects from the first 26 episodes of This Is Your Life produced by Thames Television between 1969-1970
A chronology of the show's fifty year history
  The first BBC period
There's now an entry for every one of the 256 subjects featured between 1955 and 1964
  Muhammad Ali
The heavyweight boxer - widely considered the greatest - who died in June 2016
  Behind The Scenes:
Scriptwriter Roy Bottomley reveals the show's best kept secrets
From the archives:                
Susan Masham   Valerie Singleton   Charlie Cairoli   Matthew Kelly   Norman Wisdom
Susan Masham
Paralympian, life peer and noted champion for causes related to disability - recalls her experience of This Is Your Life in an interview from 2007
  Valerie Singleton
Popular television and radio broadcaster and former presenter of the BBC children's programme Blue Peter interviewed in 2010
  Charlie Cairoli
In an interview recorded in 2012 Charlie's son Charlie Jr recalls his father's career as Britain's most famous clown and his appearance on This Is Your Life
  Matthew Kelly
The actor and television presenter recalls his 1983 tribute in an interview recorded in 2013
  Norman Wisdom
Nick Wisdom - interviewed in 2012 - recalls his father and his involvement with Norman's second This Is Your Life tribute