The Big Red Book - a celebration of This Is Your Life...
Big Red Book

... a simple premise for a television show. A surprise encounter and an unexpected reunion. The host reveals the life story of the unsuspecting ‘subject’ with the help of a Big Red Book and a gathering of family and friends.

That formula became one of the most popular programmes on British television ever, running almost 50 years, producing over 1000 editions, and, in the process, becoming a British institution.

At the peak of its popularity, in the 1970s and 80s, millions of television viewers regularly tuned in every Wednesday at 7pm with excited anticipation of whose name would be embossed on that week’s Big Red Book...

This website is a celebration of the show and the lives it honoured. Open the Big Red Book to reveal a record of every UK edition from 1955-2003 and learn about the series, the subjects and the sets as we turn back the pages of one of the best loved television treasures of all time.

So, as the man said ... “if you look at that screen over there...”

Jack Crawshaw - former researcher, writer, and producer of This Is Your Life:

"Big Red Book is a living archive - a unique and illuminating document, which combines a mass of historical data with a fund of fond memories of our much loved programme.

A well researched, and conscientiously collated, This Is Your Life, This Is Your Life."

New additions...
a football special!
Bobby Moore   Gordon Banks   Jackie Charlton   Kevin Keegan   Emlyn Hughes
The captain of West Ham United - who led the England team to victory in the 1966 World Cup - surprised in 1971
  Gordon BANKS
England’s number one goalkeeper who played every game of the nation’s 1966 World Cup victory honoured in 1972
A 1973 edition featuring another member of the World Cup winning team - who played in every game of the campaign
  Kevin KEEGAN
The newly crowned European Footballer of the Year was surprised for a 1979 broadcast
  Emlyn HUGHES
A 1980 edition featuring the former Liverpool player, now with Wolverhampton Wanderers
Lawrie McMenemy   John Toshack   Billy Wright   Francis Lee   John Barnes
Another 1980 edition – paying tribute to the current manager of Southampton
The former Liverpool player, now player-manager with Swansea City surprised in 1982
  Billy WRIGHT
Former Wolverhampton Wanderers player was surprised - for a second time - in 1990
  Francis LEE
A 1994 surprise for the former Manchester City player, who recently became the club’s chairman
The former Watford and Liverpool player surprised in 2001
Recent additions...                
Joe Loss   Pauline Collins   John Alderton   Leslie Thomas   Marti Caine
Jennifer Jankel remembers her father, the musician and band leader – and recipient of two Big Red Books in an exclusive interview
  Pauline COLLINS
The actress - and wife of John Alderton - featured in a 1972 edition
The actor - surprised two years after his wife Pauline Collins
  Leslie THOMAS
Former Barnardos boy who became a succesful author featured in a 1979 broadcast
  Marti CAINE
The popular entertainer and comedienne honoured with two Big Red Books - in 1978 and 1994
Gerald Durrell   Jonah Lomu   Tom O’Connor   Sarah Brightman   Warren Mitchell
A 1983 programme paying tribute to the naturalist, zookeeper and conservationist
  Jonah LOMU
The first true global superstar of rugby union in an edition broadcast in 2002
The teacher turned comedian and television personality surprised in 1977
A 1989 edition spotlighting the classical soprano, actress, musician and dancer
Another edition from 1972 featuring the actor, known to millions of TV viewers as Alf Garnett
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Series 10
The full line up of subjects from the first 26 episodes of This Is Your Life produced by Thames Television between 1969-1970
A chronology of the show's fifty year history
  The first BBC period
There's now an entry for every one of the 256 subjects featured between 1955 and 1964
  Gorden KAYE
The comedy actor - surprised in 1986 - who died in January 2017
  Behind The Scenes:
Scriptwriter Roy Bottomley reveals the show's best kept secrets
From the archives:                
Jean Kent   Vince Hill   Sylvia Young   Stirling Moss   Nicholas Parsons
The actress remembered for her roles in many British films of the 1940s - recalls her experience of This Is Your Life in an interview from 2011
  Vince HILL
Popular singer and songwriter interviewed in 2010
  Sylvia YOUNG
In an interview recorded in 2013 the founder and principal of the famous theatre school recalls her appearance on This Is Your Life
  Stirling MOSS
The Formula One racing driver recalls his 1959 tribute in an interview recorded in 2013
  Nicholas PARSONS
Television presenter and actor - best known for presenting the ITV game show Sale of the Century - interviewed in 2015