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Series 1 Snoopers on TV? Not on your life! 1 March 1955
  Will This Is Your Life make it onto British television screens?
  The Surprise of Your Life 22 July 1955
  Radio Times previews the first edition
  American Feature Arrives 30 July 1955
  A review of This Is Your Life's first edition
  Editorial: This Is Your Life 23 September 1955
  Radio Times previews the second edition
  This Is Your Life: The show that can never be fully rehearsed 17 December 1955
  TV Mirror goes behind the scenes of the first series
  This Is My Life 21/8 April 1956
  John Bull Magazine interview with Eamonn Andrews
Series 2 Mr Eamonn Andrews 20 October 1956
  Six people explain why he's television's most popular personality
Editorial: Poignant Moment 9 November 1956
  Radio Times editorial
  What goes on behind that Green Door 26 April 1957
  Behind the scenes with the production team
Series 3 These Are My Lines... 27 September 1957
  Radio Times previews the new series
  Ronald Vivian October 1957
  Press articles on the retired policeman's new role
  This is Leslie Jackson’s Life November 1957
  Interview with This Is Your Life’s first producer
  Anna Neagle 18 February 1958
  Press reactions to Anna Neagle’s ‘Life’
  Matt Busby 7 March 1958
  The story of Matt’s replacement This Is Your Life book
  Humphrey Lyttelton 21 April 1958
  The story behind the ‘leak’ which led to Humph’s show
  Cover Story 4 May 1958
  Eamonn’s plans are revealed as the series closes
  This Is Your Life by Eamonn Andrews 10 May 1958
  Here for the first time – the secrets of the famous TV programme
  Eamonn Andrews Answers the Question that Everyone Asks Him! 1958
  Eamonn defends his high profile
Series 4 Is This Your Life? 26 September 1958
  Radio Times previews the new series
  Tommy Steele’s Second Year climaxed by ‘This Is Your Life’ October 1958
  Tommy’s rise to fame and his ‘Life’ tribute
  Viewers Watch Spirit Form On Their TV Screens 29 November 1958
  Two Worlds magazine investigates an unusual claim
  Is This The Best TV Can Do? 4 December 1958
  An unflattering review from The Stage newspaper
  Will a ‘Life’ man ever stalk out? 2 February 1959
  News Chronicle editorial
  This Is Your Life 8 March 1959
  Radio Times editorial
Series 5 The Return Of This Is Your Life 28 August 1959
  Radio Times previews the new series
  Eyes On Camera Four 20 November 1959
  Behind the scenes secrets revealed
  John Lord December 1959
  Press reactions to an edition which includes a royal guest
  Russ Conway 11 December 1959
  NME interviews the ‘surprised’ musician
  Wonderful, says Gracie 22 March 1960
  Press reviews of Gracie Fields This Is Your Life
  Eamonn Takes a ‘Rest’ 1 April 1960
  Radio Times editorial as series 5 comes to an end
Series 6 My Line, Your Life And Laughter 16 September 1960
  Radio Times previews the new series
  Danny Blanchflower 6 February 1961
  Press reaction to the footballer's refusal to participate in This Is Your Life
  This is Your Life 4 May 1961
  Producer Leslie Jackson discusses the aim of the programme
Series 7 This Is Your Life 28 September 1961
  Radio Times previews the seventh series
  Woman’s voice in TV shock 31 October 1961
  Director Yvonne Littlewood on the perils of live broadcasts
  Behind The Scenes Of This Is Your Life 9 November 1961
  The frustrations of a ‘Life’ researcher
Series 8 This Is Your Life 27 September 1962
  Radio Times previews the eighth series
  This Is Your Life 1 November 1962
  The 200th edition is marked with comments from past subjects
Series 9 Radio Times Portrait Gallery 27 June 1963 *NEW*
  The magazine looks at Eamonn Andrews's virtues as a broadcaster
  This Is Your Life 26 September 1963
  Radio Times previews the ninth series
  This Is Your Life 28 November 1963
  Radio Times examines the sleuth like manner of the surprise 'pick-up'
Series 10 An Irish Man Of Property 15 May 1969 *NEW*
  TVTimes feature on Eamonn Andrews - the businessman
  Return of This Is Your Life 19 June 1969
  The Stage announces the ITV launch
  Forecast... 15 November 1969
  Eamonn Andrews discusses the ITV launch
  It’s the show that balances on a tightrope 15 November 1969
  Interview with footballer Danny Blanchflower, who famously refused the ‘book’
  This Is Your Life 19 November 1969
  TVTimes editorial on the launch of the new look show
  Street Of Fame 17 January 1970
  The previous homes of Eamonn Andrews
  Gale Pedrick 24 February 1970
  Obituaries for This Is Your Life's first scriptwriter
  Muhammad Ali: This Is Your Life 7 March 1970
  A profile of the World Heavyweight Champion
  Tommy Steele: This Is Your Life 21 March 1970
  A profile of the entertainer
  Elizabeth Twistington Higgins: This Is Your Life 4 April 1970
  A profile of the ballet dancer who was stricken with polio
Series 11 The return of This Is Your Life 8 October 1970
  The Stage announces the second Thames series
  Eamonn Andrews: This Is Your Other Life... 14 November 1970
  Our host receives the This Is Your Life treatment
Series 12 Life Is Full Of Surprises 13 November 1971
  Producer Robert Tyrrell reveals some ‘cloak and dagger’ tactics
  Life Is What They Make It... 6 May 1972
  New producer Malcolm Morris reveals more behind-the-scenes secrets
Series 13 Eamonn Andrews is back with another ‘Life’ 11 November 1972
  TVTimes previews the new series
  How To Deceive Your Husband 11 November 1972
  A light-hearted look at keeping a secret
Series 14 The secret life of Eamonn Andrews 24 October 1973
  Weekend Magazine considers reasons for the show's popularity
  Not on your life 21 February 1974 *NEW*
  Press coverage of Richard Gordon's 'on air' refusal of the big red book
Series 15 Being gentlemen solves many of Life’s problems 9 November 1974
  Brief interview with new producer Jack Crawshaw
  Life Lines 19 April 1975
  TVTimes editorial with quotes from former subjects
  The Night We Shocked Petula 3 May 1975
  TVTimes photo feature on Petula Clark's second This Is Your Life surprise
Series 16 Some people can’t cope with being a superstar... 22 November 1975
  A frank interview with Eamonn Andrews
  Your Invitation to ITV 21 18 September 1976
  TVTimes editorial highlighting a This Is Your Life special
  Brief mentions Various 1970-85
  A collection of cuttings from ITV's listing magazine TVTimes
Series 17 Mr Crawshaw ... This is your nightmare 14 March 1977
  An interview with This Is Your Life producer Jack Crawshaw
Series 18 Surprise flies supersonic 19 November 1977
  TVTimes photo feature
Series 19 The deuce of a job getting Ginny’s jigsaw to fit 21 October 1978
  The story of ‘piecing’ together the ‘Life’ of tennis star Virginia Wade
  This is his life … 15 December 1978
  An article from RTE Guide - Ireland's televison listing magazine
  Aspects Of Aspel 3 February 1979
  An interview with television's ‘Mr Smooth’ - Michael Aspel
Series 21 Royalty plans future as opera-dance venue in Thames TV tie-up 28 August 1980
  A feature on This Is Your Life's new home!
  Magic Book That Opens New Chapters Of Life 11 October 1980
  A look at some former subjects - ‘The Unsung Heroes’
  Letters to the Editor Various 1973-80
  A selection from ITV’s listing magazine TVTimes
  This is the secret life 3 October 1981
  Jack Crawshaw looks back on his years working on This Is Your Life
Series 22 This is their life 24 October 1981
  A TVTimes photo call for the production team
Series 23 Life's awkward moments 23 October 1982
  As the new season begins, TVTimes looks at some 'unplanned' incidents
Katie Boyle's Roman circus 20 November 1982
  A trip to Italy to surprise the TVTimes columnist
Series 24 The seven ages of Eamonn 23 October 1983
  A reflection of Eamonn's life as another new series begins
Series 25 This is my life … I love it 13 October 1984
  An interview with Eamonn at his home in Dublin
Mrs Andrews' line is tops with the brides 17 November 1984
  A look at the home life of Eamonn's wife, Grainne
Series 26 When a life hangs in the balance 12 October 1985
  Behind the scenes stories of the show's 'near-misses'
Michael’s busy Lizzie 20 September 1986
  A pre-This Is Your Life interview with Michael Aspel
Series 27 Eamonn’s surprising disguises 11 October 1986
  A look at some of the bizarre outfits used to help spring the surprises
Secret names that have special meaning 15 November 1986
  More secrets from television's most secretive show
Series 28 Andrews's death casts doubt on his show 6 November 1987
  The Guardian reports the death of Eamonn Andrews
  Obituaries: Eamonn Andrews 6 November 1987
  Press coverage of Eamonn's death and memorial service
  Eamonn Remembered 20 November 1987
  A tribute to Eamonn from the Irish listing magazine RTE Guide
Series 29 Life as seen by Aspel 1 April 1988
  Press speculation and announcement of a new host
  How they asked Aspel 28 October 1988
  Michael Aspel tells of the ‘cloak and dagger’ way he became the new presenter
Secrets Of 'Life': The ones who got away 21 January 1989
  Producer Malcolm Morris exposes some production secrets
The day we lost The Big Red Book 28 January 1989
  Further secrets revealed by producer Malcolm Morris
Series 30 Eamonn Andrews by Tom Brennand 26 March 1989
  Reviews of Tom Brennand’s biography of Eamonn Andrews
How Eamonn carved a life from insecure beginnings 15 March 1990
  A review of the book For Ever and Ever, Eamonn
Who's the real burger then? 7 May 1990
  A light-hearted quiz based on the show's code names
  More brief mentions Various 1990-2000
  A further collection of cuttings from TVTimes and Radio Times
Series 31 Just A Few Words Of Thanks... 5 December 1990
  Michael Aspel expresses his gratitude
My kind of day - Michael Aspel 2 March 1991
  Michael discusses his daily routine to Radio Times
  This Is My Life by Michael Aspel 2 March 1991
  What’s on TV magazine interviews Michael Aspel
Michael Hands Over His Secrets 9 March 1991
  Some interesting revelations from a hand reading expert
Series 32 Six Of Their Best! 16 October 1991
  Celebrities select their ideal This Is Your Life subject
How We Kept The Secret 15 April 1992
  A look at how keeping the secret can affect relationships!
Obituaries: T Leslie Jackson 23 April 1992
  Press obituaries for This Is Your Life's first producer
Series 33 Klein's having the time of his life 14 May 1992
  An interview with This Is Your Life's Associate Producer Brian Klein
  Secrets Of The Big Red Book 26 September 1992
  More secrets revealed as another new series begins
Series 34 BBC harks back to a previous life 29 July 1993
  The Guardian reports on the show's return to the BBC
  This Is Your Life goes back to its birthplace 29 July 1993
  Press coverage of the return to the BBC
  This Is Your Life 30 July 1993
  A unique tribute from the Daily Mail in the style of the famous big red book
  Me, calm? I couldn’t be more nervous 29 January 1994
  TVTimes interview with Michael Aspel
Series 35 The Night Gary Glitter Fans Nearly Killed Me! 29 October 1994
  Malcolm Morris reveals some heart-stopping moments
  This is my life... 17 December 1994
  An interview with Michael Aspel
Series 37 Ratings slump sounds death knell for This Is Your Life 17 November 1996
  Press speculation on the future of This Is Your Life
Series 38 Secrets of Aspel's Success… 30 August 1997
  The Mirror previews the new series
Series 39 Vere Lorrimer 15 October 1998
  The Stage obituary for This Is Your Life's former producer
  Oh Yes You Are! 24 December 1998
  Christopher Biggins recalls his This Is Your Life
Series 40 Is this the end of your life? 1 November 1999
  The Guardian speculates on the programme’s future
  Biggest night of all for the big red book 14 January 2000
  Press previews and reviews of The Night of 1000 Lives
Series 41 The Great Survivor - Michael Aspel 2 June 2001
  Birmingham Evening Mail interviews Michael Aspel
Series 42 This is your loft 4 November 2001
  The Sunday Times reports on the sale of Eamonn Andrews’s Dublin home
Series 43 This was his life 4 July 2002
  Maurice Leonard recalls Eamonn Andrews
  Rocky start to Aspel's career 30 July 2002
  The Western Mail interviews Michael Aspel
  Aspel Takes It All In His Stride 31 December 2002
  Michael Aspel prepares to celebrate his 15th year on This Is Your Life
  Prop Watch: This is your...big red book 4 January 2003
  A look at the show’s true icon
  The Big Red Book 14 January 2003
  The Western Mail recalls those subjects with Welsh roots
  My Life in Their Hands 18 January 2003
  Michael Aspel recalls some memorable editions
  Closing The Big Red Book May - November 2003
  Press coverage of the BBC's announcements regarding the cancellation of This Is Your Life
  True Lives: Eamonn 13 October 2003
  Press coverage of a new documentary produced for Irish television
  This Is Your Life Set For TV Comeback 7 October 2005
  Press coverage of the programme's relaunch
  Obituary: Roy Bottomley 22 December 2011
  The Times obituary for This Is Your Life's screenwriter