The Presenters...              
Eamonn Andrews feature

Eamonn Andrews:
A brief biography of the man who became synonymous with the show.

  A Life Remembered feature A Life Remembered:
Former colleagues pay tribute to This Is Your Life's original host.
Michael Aspel feature Michael Aspel:
A career review of the presenter who made the show his own.
The Production...              
Big Red Book feature The Big Red Book:
The life and times of the book that became the show's icon.
  Titles & Music feature Titles and Music:
The iconic titles and theme tunes from almost 50 years of broadcasting.
  Venes & Sets feature Venues and Sets:
The various set designs and studio locations used over the years.
Producing Life feature Producing Life:
The individuals who steered the show over the decades - the producers.
  Behind The Scenes feature Behind The Scenes:
Scriptwriter Roy Bottomley reveals the show's best kept secrets.
The History...              
The Timeline Timeline:
A chronology of the show's fifty year history.
  Eamonn Looks Back feature Eamonn Looks Back:
recalling the programme's history in excerpts from a posthumously published autobiography completed by his wife, Grainne.
  A Life Refused feature A Life Refused:
A look at the names who said 'No' to the Big Red Book.
The Specials...              
These Were Your Lives feature These Were Your Lives:
A review of the first series, which includes former subjects recalling their experiences of being surprised.
  Series 2 Flashback feature Stories behind This Is Your Life:
A review of the second series, which attempts to dispel some negative criticism.
  ITV This Is Your Life feature ITV This is Your Life:
A live two hour edition celebrating ITV’s 21st birthday.
The Night of a 1000 Lives feature The Night of 1000 Lives:
A celebration of 1000 editions; with a studio audience crammed full of former subjects.
The Subjects...              
Life Second Time Around feature Life Second Time Around:
The definitive list of 42 people who were surprised more than once!
  A Double Life feature A Double Life:
The definitive list of those editions that honoured more than one subject.
  Coronation Street feature Street Life:
From Elsie Tanner to Eddie Yates.
Life Savers feature Life Savers:
The true heroes of the emergency services.
  A Dancer's Life feature A Dancer’s Life:
From ballet to ballroom.
  Top of the Pops feature Top of the Pops:
Charting the stars of the hit parade.
The Theatre of Dreams feature The Theatre of Dreams:
Featuring those subjects associated with Manchester United.
  Life on the Hustings feature Life On The Hustings:
A cross-party look at the world of politics.
  The Spice of Life feature The Spice of Life:
Serving up a feast from the world of food and drink.
An Actor's Life For Me feature An Actor's Life For Me:
Spotlight on the stars of stage and screen.
  The Glamorous Life feature The Glamorous Life:
Placing the spotlight on the stars of Hollywood.
  Up and Under feature Up and Under:
Tackling the sport of rugby.
Reel Life feature Reel Life:
A behind the scenes look behind the movies.
  It's a Funny Old Life feature It’s a Funny Old Life:
It's all about the comedy.
  Life at Full Throttle feature Life at Full Throttle:
Sporting subjects with a love of speed.
A Charitable Life feature A Charitable Life:
The unsung heroes who work tirelessly to help those in need.
  Life Before Wicket feature Life Before Wicket:
Bowling up the names from the ‘Gentleman’s Game’.
  East End Life feature East End Life:
Past and present residents of television's Albert Square.
Life on the Ocean Wave feature Life on the Ocean Wave:
Keeping a look out for those adventurers of the high seas.
  Life in the Ring feature Life In The Ring:
From flyweight to heavyweight.
  A Novel Life feature A Novel Life:
A page-turning look at the best selling authors.
Radio Times feature Radio Times:
Tuning in to the radio broadcasters.
  Going for Gold feature Going for Gold:
Celebrating the best in the world - the Olympians.
  All that Jazz feature All that Jazz:
Covering all the notes with the subjects associated with jazz.
Classical Life feature Classical Life:
A symphony of subjects from the world of classical music.
  Pot Black feature Pot Black:
A cue to review the stars of snooker.
  Life on the Farm feature Life on the Farm:
Past and present residents of television's Emmerdale.
Life As We Know It feature Life As We Know It:
Highlighting those broadcasting experts.
  Extended Life feature Extended Life:
Subjects treated to special editions.
  The Big Top feature The Big Top:
Roll up - the circus is in town.
Motel Life feature Motel Life:
The employees of television's Crossroads Motel.
  The Good Life feature The Good Life:
The kings and queens of the situation comedy.
  Equestrian Life feature Equestrian Life:
From horse racing to show jumping.
Life is a Cabaret feature Life is a Cabaret:
A chorus line from musical theatre.
  News at Ten feature News at Ten:
Reporting on those who bring us the news.
  Stop Press feature Stop Press:
Headlining Fleet Street's finest.
A Musical Life feature A Musical Life:
Blowing the trumpet for the musicians.
  The Written Word feature The Written Word:
Spelling out the writers and poets.
  Life on Earth feature Life on Earth:
An uncharted look at nature and adventure.
Backstage Life feature Backstage Life:
Raising the curtain on the theatrical subjects.
  A Fashionable Life feature A Fashionable Life:
From catwalk to all things artistic.
  Jack of all Trades feature Jack of all Trades:
From domestic cleaner to teacher.
World of Sport feature World of Sport:
Serving up tennis and golf.
  Military Life feature Military Life:
Saluting the heroes of the armed forces.
  Match of the Day feature Match of the Day:
Tackling the top names from the game of football.
Life's Vocation feature Life's Vocation:
Celebrating the 'men of God'.
  A Medical Life feature A Medical Life:
Examining the medical profession.
  Family Life feature Family Life:
Keeping it in the family.
Presenting Life feature Presenting Life:
A whole host of broadcasters.
  A Song For Life feature A Song For Life:
It's the singer not the song.
  That's Entertainment feature That's Entertainment:
There's no business like show business.