A Double Life
A Double Life

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Maryan RAWICZ and Walter LANDAUER

6 March 1961

An immensely popular piano duo best known for their arrangements of popular classics

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“Good evening. Behind the scenes tonight - an extra excitement! This Is Your Life - never an easy programme to prepare in secret - is ready to open its box of surprises. For a reason you’ll soon see, making ready for this moment has been... well, twice as difficult as usual."

This is how Eamonn Andrews opened the 6 March 1961 edition of This Is Your Life - the first time the programme featured more than one subject. This edition pays tribute to Maryan Rawicz and Walter Landauer - distinguished, international concert pianists. Over the years there has been an occasional need for more than one chair of honour...

  Madge Watson and Elsie Wood Madge WATSON and Elsie WOOD
30 January 1964
The two ladies, who held the distinction of being the first female superintendents appointed by the Royal National Mission of Deep Sea Fishermen, were surprised by Eamonn at the BBC Television Theatre. During the Second World War they ran the mission in Milford Haven - when it also acted as a naval hospital - caring for up to 60 seamen patients at a time.
  Beverley Sisters The BEVERLEY Sisters
31 December 1969
The female vocal trio - sisters Joy, Teddy and Babs - who began their careers making regular appearances on the BBC's early television programmes - were featured in a New Year’s Eve edition during the first series produced by Thames Television. Guests include entertainer Dickie Henderson, musician Johnny Dankworth and Joy’s husband, footballer Billy Wright.
  Mike and Bernie Winters

Mike and Bernie WINTERS
16 December 1970
The brothers - who formed a comedy double act and made their first television appearance in 1955 - were surprised by Eamonn during the show's second Thames series.
This edition of the show no longer survives, so no further details are currently known about it.

The Bachelors The Bachelors The BACHELORS
4 January 1978
The popular Irish singing trio - made up of John Stokes and brothers Con and Dec Cluskey - whose hit songs include I Believe and Diane - were surprised by Eamonn during a photo shoot at the top of the Telecom Tower in London.
Among those paying tribute are singer Matt Monro and magicians David Berglas and David Nixon.
Cannon & Ball Cannon & Ball Tommy CANNON and Bobby BALL
11 November 1981
Eamonn is launched - rather unsuccessfully - from a cannon outside London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane to surprise the popular comedy double act.
Among those paying tribute to the duo - currently scoring high ratings with their own television show - are This Is Your Life second-timers actresses Diana Dors and June Whitfield and comedian Charlie Drake.
Michael & Kevin Doheny Michael & Kevin Doheny Fathers Michael and Kevin DOHENY
7 November 1984
Eamonn announces “Forgive me father for I have conned both of you” as he surprises the brothers and priests in the audience at the Royalty Theatre - each think the other brother is to be the subject!
Among those paying tribute to their charity work are statesman Edward Kennedy, actress Glenda Jackson and humanitarian Mother Teresa.
Chas n Dave Chas n Dave CHAS n DAVE
31 December 1985
The pop rock duo - known for their ‘rockney’ pub singalongs such as Rabbit and The Sideboard Song - were surprised by Eamonn - disguised in a ginger beard - while performing a gig in a London pub.
A live-link with comedians Cannon and Ball provides more humour than intended when the sound fails to work!
Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson Pearl CARR and Teddy JOHNSON
12 November 1986
Eamonn surprises the husband and wife entertainers - and old colleagues from his time on the children’s television show Crackerjack - as they arrive at Thames Television's Teddington Studios.
Their guests include comedians Ernie Wise and Harry Worth, singer Anne Shelton and a recorded message from comedian Bob Hope.
Cliff Michelmore & Jean Metcalfe Cliff Michelmore & Jean Metcalfe Cliff MICHELMORE and Jean METCALFE
31 December 1986
The broadcasting couple - who met as presenters of the wartime radio programme Forces Favourites - were surprised by Eamonn at Broadcasting House.
In an hour-long New Year’s Eve special, the couple are reunited with guests such as singers The Beverley Sisters and Vera Lynn and musician Acker Bilk.
Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent Tony HATCH and Jackie TRENT
13 February 1991
The song-writing couple - known as ‘Mr and Mrs Music’ - were surprised by Michael at the Belvedere Restaurant in London's Holland Park.
Tony is perhaps best known for his collaboration with Petula Clark, who pays tribute on the show - while other guests include entertainers Danny La Rue and Max Bygraves.
Bee Gees Bee Gees The BEE GEES
20 February 1991
Brothers - Maurice, Robin and Barry - who make up the internationally popular group, remembered as the foremost act of the late 1970s disco era, were surprised by Michael during an interview on Steve Wright’s BBC radio show.
The tribute includes recorded messages from Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand and Michael Jackson.
Roux brothers Roux brothers Albert and Michel ROUX
13 January 1993
The French-born brothers, restaurateurs and chefs working in Britain, were surprised by Michael at London’s Langhan Brasserie - at a party to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the opening of their first London restaurant.
The guest list includes Jane Asher, Keith Floyd and Egon Ronay.
Little & Large Little & Large Syd LITTLE and Eddie LARGE
12 January 1994
Michael donned wellies to surprise the comedy duo at the close of their slightly wet routine at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens.
Many names from the world of entertainment and sport pay tribute, including comedians Frank Carson and Jim Davidson, boxer Frank Bruno and footballer Kevin Keegan.
Michael Denison and Dulcie Gray Michael Denison and Dulcie Gray Michael DENISON and Dulcie GRAY
19 April 1995
The well-respected acting couple - both previous subjects - were surprised by Michael at a reunion party for the BBC television series Howard’s Way, on board the Sir Thomas More boat at Teddington Lock.
A star-studded guest list includes Sir John Gielgud, Sir John Mills and Lady Mills, while Michael Aspel reads out a letter from the Queen Mother.
Bob and Dolores Hope Bob and Dolores Hope Bob and Dolores HOPE
27 December 1995
The British born entertainer was treated to a second tribute - this time a joint one with his wife, when Michael surprised the couple at Hollywood's CBS studios. The show - an extended edition broadcast over Christmas, includes tributes from actress Jane Russell, former US President Gerald Ford, impresario Lord Grade and comedian Bob Monkhouse.
Richard Maddeley & Judy Finnigan Richard Maddeley & Judy Finnigan Richard MADELEY and Judy FINNIGAN
6 January 1997
The couple - who met each other while working at Granada Television in 1982 - were surprised by Michael ‘live on air’ on their popular daytime television programme, This Morning.
The tribute includes messages from Barbara Windsor, William Roache, Matthew Kelly and Frank Carson.
Ray & Trevor Powles Ray & Trevor Powles Ray and Trevor POWLES
20 February 2002
The twin brothers - both professors of medicine and cancer specialists who decided to train for a career in medicine at 18, when the NHS saved their lives after they contracted tuberculosis - were surprised by Michael at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital.
The show includes tributes from the pop group Westlife, and singer Dame Vera Lynn.