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THIS IS YOUR LIFE - Petula Clark, singer and actress, was surprised by Eamonn Andrews at the BBC Television Theatre.

Petula began her professional career as a child performer on BBC Radio during the Second World War, before appearing in several post-war British films, including Here Come the Huggetts and London Town.

She scored a number of major hit recordings during the 1950s with such songs as The Little Shoemaker and With All My Heart, and later, focussing on a new career in France, continued through the early 1960s to achieve hit records on both sides of the Channel.

Petula was honoured by This Is Your Life on a further two occasions in 1975 and again in 1996 – the only subject to receive the tribute three times.

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programme details...

  • Edition No: 244
  • Subject No: 244
  • Broadcast date: Thu 6 Feb 1964
  • Broadcast time: 9.25-9.50pm
  • Recorded: Mon 20 Jan 1964 8-8.45pm
  • Venue: BBC Television Theatre
  • Series: 9
  • Edition: 18

on the guest list...

  • Jimmy Hanley
  • Jack Leon
  • Earnest Tassin
  • Moira Lister
  • Percy Edwards
  • Trevor Brown
  • Colin Addinall
  • Joe Henderson
  • Anthony Newley (via telephone)
  • Bruno Coquetrix
  • Claude Wolffe – husband
  • Jack Warner
  • Barbara Clark – sister
  • Catherine Wolffe - daughter
  • Barbara Wolffe - daughter
  • Bernie Tassin
  • Geraldine Hart

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  • Researcher:
  • Writer:
  • Directors: Michael Goodwin, Mark Patterson
  • Producer: Vere Lorrimer
  • Executive Producer: T Leslie Jackson
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