Duncan GUTHRIE (1911-1987)

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THIS IS YOUR LIFE – Duncan Guthrie, charity organiser, was surprised by Eamonn Andrews at the King’s Theatre, Hammersmith.

One of Guthrie’s greatest achievements was providing financial support for medical research. This started in 1949 when his first child developed poliomyelitis. Guthrie alerted society to the problem of polio, and with his wife, Prue Holloway, set up the National Fund for Poliomyelitis Research.

The charity still operates today as Action Medical Research.

Duncan Guthrie

Compere Eamonn Andrews says ‘This Is Your Life’ to Duncan Guthrie as he sits unsuspecting, back-stage with Jack Armstrong, Harry Lane, Joan Conquest and Anthony Viccars

programme details...

  • Edition No: 26
  • Subject No: 26
  • Broadcast live: Mon 4 Feb 1957
  • Broadcast time: 7.30-8pm
  • Venue: King’s Theatre Hammersmith
  • Series: 2
  • Edition: 11

on the guest list...

  • Stanley Gaywood
  • Rosamund John
  • Colonel H H Chandor
  • Rene Couture
  • Jack Moore
  • Prunella Guthrie
  • Peter Kneebone
  • Prof G W A Dick
  • Janet Guthrie
  • Filmed tribute:
  • Walter Creighton

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  • Researchers: Peter Moore, Nigel Ward
  • Writer: Larry Forrester
  • Producer: T Leslie Jackson
Series 2 subjects: Peter Scott > Ada Reeve > Peter Methven > Susan Ryder > Harry S Pepper > Compton Mackenzie > Maud Fairman > Billy Smart > Brian Hession > John Barbirolli > Duncan Guthrie > Esmond Knight > Sammy McCarthy > Edwin Madron > Diana Dors > Parry Jones > Percy Flood > G H Elliott > Stuart Hibberd