Series 43:2003
A combination of constant schedule changes, an irregular run and talk of the BBC axing the show fuels rumours that this series will be the last. But it’s business as usual as this year’s subjects range from an award-winning head teacher, a popular political figure, a 007 stunt man and, in what will be This Is Your Life’s final outside broadcast, a mountaineer, whose show is recorded in the Lake District. Ultimately the rumours become fact. After clocking up almost 50 years as a ratings winner and 1130 editions in the UK, This Is Your Life, a television institution, bows out gracefully. Has the Big Red Book, as it came to be known and loved, really been put back on the shelf forever?
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1 David DICKINSON Antiques expert and TV presenter 2 January 2003
2 Mo MOWLAM Politician 9 January 2003
3 Gillian TAYLFORTH Actress 16 January 2003
4 Mike RUTHERFORD Musician and founding member of Genesis 23 January 2003
5 John MCARDLE Actor 30 January 2003
6 Elmer BERNSTEIN American film score composer 6 February 2003
7 Charles COLLINGWOOD Actor 13 February 2003
8 Jonathan DAVIES Welsh rugby player 20 February 2003
9 Elizabeth PESCOPS Headteacher of St Paul’s Primary School, Portsmouth 27 February 2003
10 George BEST Footballer 6 March 2003
11 Lisa MAXWELL Actress 10 April 2003
12 Roger COOK New Zealand investigative journalist and broadcaster 17 April 2003
13 Bob MONKHOUSE Comedian and entertainer 23 April 2003
14 Nicholas WINTON Humanitarian 1 May 2003
15 Anthony ANDREWS Actor 8 May 2003
16 Alex NORTON Actor 15 May 2003
17 John BARDON Actor 5 June 2003
18 Simon COWELL Music executive, TV producer and entrepreneur 12 June 2003
19 Alec STEWART Cricketer 19 June 2003
20 Vic ARMSTRONG Film director and the world’s most prolific stunt-double 26 June 2003
21 Chris BONINGTON Mountaineer 3 July 2003
22 John MIDDLETON Actor – Rev Ashley Thomas in Emmerdale 17 July 2003
23 Bob HARRIS Radio broadcaster 24 July 2003
24 Gyles BRANDRETH Author, broadcaster and former MP 1 August 2003
25 Aled JONES Singer and TV presenter 8 August 2003
Simon Cowell's big red book


Simon COWELL - Music executive, TV producer and entrepreneur - broadcast 2 June 2007

This Is Your Life returns in June 2007 for one night only. Ironically the subject (surprised by Trevor McDonald - himself a former subject) is the same man who was surprised by Michael Aspel on his last recorded edition.

This one-off edition is co-produced by ITV Productions, STV Productions, TIYL Productions, Click TV and Ralph Edwards Productions.

Broadcast details: Thames Television production for BBC > 24 x 30 minutes; 1 x 60 minutes > Wednesday 8.00pm x 1; Thursday 7.00pm x 22; Friday 7.00pm x 2
Production team: Producer: Sue Green > Associate Producer: Helen Gordon-Smith > Series Producer: Jack Crawshaw > Series Consultant: John Longley > Directors: John Gorman, Steve Docherty, Paul Kirrage, Peter Wisdom > Writers: Ian Brown, Joe Steeples > Researchers: Ruth Malone, Kate Greer, Jo Grant, Alex Renton, Deborah Cowan, Carrie Rose, Ian Skelton > Programme Associates: Ian Brown, Joe Steeples > Production Assistants: Irene Maxwell-Clark, Liz Fleming > Production Manager: Dawn Gray > Programme Co-ordinator: Deborah Armstrong > Music: Laurie Johnson > Designer: Simon Jago > Film Research: Helen Bennitt