Fred TRUEMAN (1931-2006)

Fred Trueman This Is Your Life

programme details...

  • Edition No: 523
  • Subject No: 520
  • Broadcast date: Wed 5 Dec 1979
  • Broadcast time: 7.00-7.30pm
  • Recorded: Wed 31 Oct 1979
  • Venue: New London Theatre
  • Series: 20
  • Edition: 2
  • Code name: Fast

on the guest list...

  • Veronica - wife
  • Karen - daughter
  • Rebecca - daughter
  • Rodney - son
  • Sheenagh - stepdaughter
  • Patrick - stepson
  • Ethel - mother
  • Phyllis - sister
  • Florence - sister
  • Helen - sister
  • Arthur - brother
  • John - brother
  • Dennis - brother
  • Peter Varley
  • Ann Varley
  • Tommy Stubbs
  • Brian Close
  • Bill Anderson
  • Neil Hawke
  • Ken Barrington
  • Tom Graveney
  • Ronnie Burnet
  • Peter Crawford
  • Don Wilson
  • Phil Sharpe
  • Johnny Wardle
  • Tony Nicholson
  • Don Brennan
  • Mike Smith
  • John Edrich
  • Jim Laker
  • Leslie Crowther
  • Keith Miller
  • Filmed tribute:
  • Harold Wilson

production team...

  • Researchers: John Graham, Tom Wettengel
  • Writers: Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley
  • Directors: Royston Mayoh, Terry Yarwood
  • Producer: Jack Crawshaw
  • names above in bold indicate subjects of This Is Your Life
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Fred Trueman's biography

Chris Waters recalls this edition of This Is Your Life in his book, Fred Trueman, The Authorised Biography...

In 1979, Trueman was honoured on This Is Your Life, the biographical show in which the host surprises a special guest.

When Eamonn Andrews startled Trueman with the famous red book, Andrews was even more startled by the reply, 'Hey up, Eamonn, lad, you can't tell my life in half-an-hour, ya know.'

Many former cricketers turned out in tribute, including Neil Hawke, Keith Miller, Brian Close and Don Wilson. Leslie Crowther also took part, as did former Lincoln City manager Bill Anderson.

There were recorded tributes from Tommy Stubbs, the Maltby schoolteacher who'd encouraged Trueman in his younger years, and former Prime Minister Harold Wilson. The piece de resistance was a bizarre family sketch involving Trueman's brothers Arthur, John and Dennis. Filmed at Tennyson Road, Maltby, it showed them lying in the same bed they'd shared as children. The bed was deliberately made to collapse with the brothers still in it, imitating what used to happen for real.

Trueman found the sketch hilarious but for most of the programme looked close to tears. As footage was played of his greatest moments, he bit into the stem of his pipe to stop himself crying. 'Fred was a deeply emotional man,' said Veronica. 'He'd burst into tears at the first line of "God Save the Queen". Sometimes he used to say, "Oh no, I'm going to get emotional," and I used to say, "Fred, there's no need to be afraid of it." He hated showing his emotions in public.'

Roy Bottomley This Is Your Life book

Scriptwriter Roy Bottomley recalls this edition of This Is Your Life in his book, This Is Your Life: The Story of Television's Famous Big Red Book...

'Fiery Fred' Trueman is a cricketing legend.

When he popped into the Anchor Hotel at Southwark Bridge, just before flying out to Australia for commentating duties, on 31 October 1979, there was a new barman: Eamonn Andrews.

Even at birth, young Fred looked as if he might be capable of his 100 mph deliveries. The fourth of eight children of a Yorkshire miner, Fred weighed in at 14 lb 8 oz.

On his Test debut against India in 1952, he took four wickets for no runs, and went on to become the first man in the history of the game to capture three hundred Test wickets. Legendary Australian batsman Neil Hawke was the three-hundredth victim. Said Neil: 'The only consolation was that it got me into the record books, too!'

We flew in an old pal and great rival, Australian fast bowler Keith Miller. Keith quoted a letter sent to Freddie from the great Herbert Sutcliffe, of Yorkshire and England, after Freddie had taken his 250th Test wicket. It read, 'In figures alone, this must make you the greatest bowler the world has ever seen.'

Freddie's first Yorkshire cap has a special resting place. It is buried with his proud father.

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