Jimmy SAVILE (1926-2011)

This Is Your Life Big Red Book

programme details...

  • Edition No: 266
  • Subject No: 268
  • Broadcast date: Wed 28 Jan 1970
  • Broadcast time: 7.00-7.30pm
  • Recorded: Wed 21 Jan 1970
  • Venue: Euston Road Studios
  • Series: 10
  • Edition: 10

on the guest list...

  • Agnes - mother
  • Vince - brother
  • John - brother
  • Davy Jones
  • Mary - sister
  • Please note: this is an incomplete list

production team...

  • Researcher: unknown
  • Writers: Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley
  • Director: Margery Baker
  • Producer: Robert Tyrrell
  • names above in bold indicate subjects of This Is Your Life
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Jimmy Savile This Is Your Life

Jimmy Savile with Eamonn Andrews on This Is Your Life

Jimmy Savile biography

Dan Davies recalls this edition of This Is Your Life in his book, In Plain Sight...

From the table, he picked up the older of his two This Is Your Life books. The cover was brown rather than red.

Disappointingly, it was a shoddily put together album of out-of-focus pictures.

'In those days there were no videos or anything like that so the back page is an LP of the soundtrack of the show,' explained Savile. 'That's my brother Vince and that's John. That's the girl who used to do my hair. That's Davy Jones out of The Monkees. That's my sister Mary from Australia.'

And how appropriate that this elevation should be celebrated in the first month of the new decade with an appearance on This Is Your Life, after Eamonn Andrews surprised him by stepping out of an inspection parade of Royal Marines.

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