Angela RIPPON (1944-)

Angela Rippon
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THIS IS YOUR LIFE - Angela Rippon, journalist, newsreader, presenter and writer, was surprised by Eamonn Andrews at a book signing in Brent Cross Shopping Centre.

Angela began her television career at BBC South West in Plymouth in 1966, before becoming a reporter for BBC TV news, and then a regular newsreader on BBC1’s Nine O’Clock News in 1975. She was the first female journalist permanently to present the BBC national television news.

She was the first presenter of BBC television's Top Gear, presenting the motoring programme from 1977 to 1979, and also presented the long-running show Come Dancing.

Angela wrote a series of children’s books about a character called ‘Victoria Plum’.

“Now I know why he wanted a haircut! I haven’t done my shopping yet!”

Screenshots of Angela Rippon This Is Your Life

The Story of Television's Famous Big Red Book

Scriptwriter Roy Bottomley recalls the experience of this particular edition of This Is Your Life in his book This Is Your Life: The Story of Television's Famous Big Red Book...

Filming for Angela Rippon’s Life cost researcher Maurice Leonard his raincoat: her horse liked the taste and ‘ate’ it.

Maurice was to become Angela’s producer on What’s My Line? And dined out on the story.

We surprised Angela at a book signing at Brent Cross on 20 November 1981, and sprang her colleagues from ‘the forthcoming breakfast television’ – Peter Jay, David Frost and Anna Ford.

programme details...

  • Edition No: 580
  • Subject No: 577
  • Broadcast date: Wed 25 Nov 1981
  • Broadcast time: 7-7.30pm
  • Recorded: Fri 20 Nov 1981
  • Venue: Royalty Theatre
  • Series: 22
  • Edition: 7
  • Code Name: Reader

on the guest list...

  • Chris - husband
  • David Way
  • Phil Drabble
  • Gordon Beningfield
  • Joe Henson
  • Nicholas Parsons
  • Russell Harty
  • Jimmy Hill
  • Lionel Blair
  • Peter Jay
  • David Frost
  • John - father
  • Edna - mother
  • Cicely – mother-in-law
  • Valerie Whitney
  • Winifred Davies
  • Lorna Griggs
  • Carol Hockaday
  • Roger Hockaday
  • Mike Allen
  • Pat Allen
  • Pauline Garlick
  • Phil Stone
  • Barbara Grundy
  • Mike Wilkinson
  • Jan Leeming
  • Marine Flt Lt Derek Levens
  • Robert Dougall
  • Cyril Lee
  • Anna Ford
  • Margaret – aunt
  • Filmed tributes:
  • Ann Miller
  • Shirley Bosley
  • Kate - horse

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production team...

  • Researcher: Cathy Parnall
  • Writers: Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley
  • Directors: Paul Stewart Laing, Terry Yarwood
  • Producer: Jack Crawshaw
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