Bill COTTON CBE (1928-2008)

Bill Cotton
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THIS IS YOUR LIFE - Bill Cotton, television executive, was surprised by Michael Aspel at Castle Ashby in Northamptonshire.

Bill was the son of the band leader Billy Cotton, and began his career as a music publicist before joining the BBC as a producer in 1956.

He worked his way up the ranks to become an influential executive responsible for some of the BBC’s biggest shows from the golden era of television entertainment.

“How could you? Funny way to earn a living!”

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Bill Cotton's autobiography

Bill recalls his experience of This Is Your Life in his autobiography Double Bill...

One day in 1995 I drove up to Castle Ashby in the Midlands with John Harris, the chairman of Alba, and his wife, Jacqui.

The growth of Alba has been the most spectacular success story I’ve been associated with since I left the BBC. I was appointed a non-executive director of a medium-size ‘value-for-money’ company selling radios and televisions, and it is now a major player in the industry.

As far as I knew that day our journey up the M1 was to attend a sales presentation by Bush, one of Alba’s subsidiaries.

We arrived in the castle courtyard and as I stepped out of the car, a band suddenly struck up Somebody Stole My Gal, my father’s old signature tune. I thought ‘That’s a strange tune to open a sales presentation’, and found myself confronted by Michael Aspel and his big red book. I’d been well and truly had.

I sat in the This Is Your Life studio humbled and amazed as a stream of show business stars paraded in to say nice things about my influence on their careers, among them Terry Wogan, Russ Conway, Bruce Forsyth, Esther Rantzen, Sue Lawley, Vera Lynn, Ernie Wise, Jimmy Tarbuck, Sandie Shaw, Cilla Black, Mike Yarwood, David Jacobs, Pete Murray and the Two Ronnies. And the special studio guests included television executives such as Paul Fox, Brian Tesler, Michael Grade and the great theatrical agent Billy Marsh. My only regret was that among this parade of famous and distinguished guests the producers did not give Kate, the most important person in my life, the opportunity of saying a few words.

I was particularly moved by the presence of Billy Marsh in the studio, frail and in a wheelchair. It must have been one of his last public appearances.

programme details...

  • Edition No: 913
  • Subject No: 893
  • Broadcast date: Wed 22 Mar 1995
  • Broadcast time: 7-7.30pm
  • Recorded: Tue 14 Mar 1995
  • Venue: BBC Television Centre
  • Series: 35
  • Edition: 21
  • Code Name: Thread

on the guest list...

  • Kate – wife
  • Jane - daughter
  • Kate - daughter
  • Lisa - daughter
  • Tom - grandson
  • Leo – grandson
  • Brian Tesler
  • Paul Fox
  • Billy Marsh
  • Ernie Wise
  • Mike Yarwood
  • Angela Rippon
  • Gerry Kunz
  • Russ Conway
  • David Jacobs
  • Pete Murray
  • Sister Damian
  • Sister Catherine
  • Jimmy Tarbuck
  • Sandie Shaw
  • Terry Wogan
  • Esther Rantzen
  • Sue Lawley
  • Vera Lynn
  • Filmed tributes:
  • Rory – grandson
  • Harry – grandson
  • Michael Grade
  • Cilla Black
  • Bruce Forsyth

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production team...

  • Researcher: Sue Green
  • Writer: Roy Bottomley
  • Director: Brian Klein
  • Producer: Malcolm Morris
  • Associate Producer: John Graham
  • Executive Producer: Peter Estall
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